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Instructional Buildings and Building-Codes

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On-Campus Buildings

Alphabetical by Building Code
CodeBuilding NameMap
AED Amy du Pont Music Building 2E
AFR ROTC, 314 Wyoming Rd 5F
ALS Alison Hall 4F
ALW Alison Hall West 4F
ART Art Studio Building 3D
BCC Bob Carpenter Center 4L
BRL Brown Lab 4E
BSH Bayard Sharp Hall 2D
CFA Center for the Arts 2E
CLB Colburn Lab 4E
CMU Courtyard by Marriott at UD 2B
CSB Carpenter Sports Building 4D
DFH Delaware Field House 4K
DUP Du Pont Hall 4E
ELT Elliott Hall 3D
EST East Hall 4E
EVN Evans Hall 4E
EWG Ewing Hall 3E
FGL Fischer Greenhouse Lab 4J
GOR Gore Hall 3E
GRH Greenhouse 4J
GRM Graham Hall 4E
HGY Hartshorn Hall 4G
HUL Hullihen Hall 3E
ICE Ice Arena (Gold) 4J
JMC Clayton Hall 2B
JMH Munroe Hall 3D
KRB Kirkbride Lecture Hall 3E
LDL Lammot duPont Lab 4E
LEH Alfred Lerner Hall 3E
LIN Linguistics, 125 E. Main St. 4D
MDH McDowell Hall 3D
MEH Mechanical Hall 3D
MEM Memorial Hall 3E
MIL Taylor Hall Annex 3D
MKL McKinly Laboratory 4E
MLB Morris Library 3F
MTH Mitchell Hall 3E
OCL Old College 3D
OEL Ocean Engineering Laboratory 4F
PBG Newton Poultry Building 4I
PNY Penny Hall 4F
PRN Purnell Hall 3E
PRS Pearson Hall 4E
QDH Quaesita Drake Hall 4E
RBH Raub Hall 3D
REC Recitation Hall 3D
ROB Robinson Hall 3F
SCN P.T.T.P. Scene Shop 6F
SHL Sharp Lab 3E
SMI Smith Hall 3E
SPL Spencer Laboratory 4E
SSC Ice Arena (Fred Rust) 4J
STC Perkins Student Center 4F
STS Student Services Bldg 4E
TNS Townsend Hall 4J
TUC Trabant University Center 3D
TYG Taylor Hall 3D
WFM Webb Farm 7I
WHL Willard Hall Education Bldg 3D
WLF Wolf Hall 4E
WOR Worrilow Hall 4J

On-Campus Buildings

Alphabetical by Building Name
Building NameCodeMap
Alfred Lerner Hall LEH 3E
Alison Hall ALS 4F
Alison Hall West ALW 4F
Amy du Pont Music Building AED 2E
Art Studio Building ART 3D
Bayard Sharp Hall BSH 2D
Bob Carpenter Center BCC 4L
Brown Lab BRL 4E
Carpenter Sports Building CSB 4D
Center for the Arts CFA 2E
Clayton Hall JMC 2B
Colburn Lab CLB 4E
Courtyard by Marriott at UD CMU 2B
Delaware Field House DFH 4K
Du Pont Hall DUP 4E
East Hall EST 4E
Elliott Hall ELT 3D
Evans Hall EVN 4E
Ewing Hall EWG 3E
Fischer Greenhouse Lab FGL 4J
Gore Hall GOR 3E
Graham Hall GRM 4E
Greenhouse GRH 4J
Hartshorn Hall HGY 4G
Hullihen Hall HUL 3E
Ice Arena (Fred Rust) SSC 4J
Ice Arena (Gold) ICE 4J
Kirkbride Lecture Hall KRB 3E
Lammot duPont Lab LDL 4E
Linguistics, 125 E. Main St. LIN 4D
McDowell Hall MDH 3D
McKinly Laboratory MKL 4E
Mechanical Hall MEH 3D
Memorial Hall MEM 3E
Mitchell Hall MTH 3E
Morris Library MLB 3F
Munroe Hall JMH 3D
Newton Poultry Building PBG 4I
Ocean Engineering Laboratory OEL 4F
Old College OCL 3D
P.T.T.P. Scene Shop SCN 6F
Pearson Hall PRS 4E
Penny Hall PNY 4F
Perkins Student Center STC 4F
Purnell Hall PRN 3E
Quaesita Drake Hall QDH 4E
Raub Hall RBH 3D
Recitation Hall REC 3D
Robinson Hall ROB 3F
ROTC, 314 Wyoming Rd AFR 5F
Sharp Lab SHL 3E
Smith Hall SMI 3E
Spencer Laboratory SPL 4E
Student Services Bldg STS 4E
Taylor Hall TYG 3D
Taylor Hall Annex MIL 3D
Townsend Hall TNS 4J
Trabant University Center TUC 3D
Webb Farm WFM 7I
Willard Hall Education Bldg WHL 3D
Wolf Hall WLF 4E
Worrilow Hall WOR 4J

Off-Campus Buildings

Alphabetical by Building Code
CodeBuilding Name
AHTArsht Hall (PA Ave, Wilmington)
AIIA I DuPont Institute, Wilm, DE
AMMAbbotts Mill, Milford, DE
ANSAshland Nature Center
APGAberdeen Proving Ground
BBHBeebe Hospital
CAHCape Henlopen High School
CMLCannon Marine Lab
DAFDover Air Force Base
DFSDelaware State Fire School
ELBEcology Lab Building
GSYGoodstay Center
GTPGeorgetown Parallel
HGMHagley Museum
JSEJennie Smith Elem Sch, Nwk, DE
KTPDTCC Kent Campus
LGWLongwood Gardens
MABMilford Admin Bdg, Milford, DE
MCCMcCullough Sch, New Castle, DE
MHSMilford Senior High School
MLMMarine Lab-Mine Building
MLSMillsboro Elem, Millsboro, DE
PBLBayside Lab (Pierce Mar Bio)
PELPollution Ecology Lab
SDTDTCC Stanton Campus
SMLSmith Mariculture Laboratory
TBDTownsend Building, Dover, De
UDC University Downtown Ctr
(8th & King Sts. Wilmington)
UDRU.D. Relations Office, Dover
VAHV.A. Hospital, Elsmere, DE
VCCVirden Conference Center, Lewes, DE
WACWm. A. Carter Partnership Ctr.
(DTCC, Georgetown, DE)
WIPWilmington Parallel
WMCWilmington Medical Center
WMSWinterthur Museum

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