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Women's Health

The Women's Health Clinic is staffed by an all female staff including: a gynecologist, women’s health nurse practitioners, and a registered nurse staff with training and experience in gynecology.


Treatment of women's health issues including routine gynecologic examination, Pap smears, contraceptive services, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and counseling, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, colposcopy and routine gynecological treatment. The HPV vaccine can be provided through the Immunization Clinic.


During the academic year, Clinic hours for appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, 8am-11:30am, and 1-4pm. Limited summer hours; call for an appointment. To make an appointment, call the Gynecology Clinic at 831-8035.

The Clinic is located on the 2nd floor of Laurel Hall. This area has a separate reception and waiting areas and is not accessible by the front stairs; enter at the side door near the parking lot and use the elevator or stairs near that entrance. The waiting room has a self check-in computer which will require you to have your UD ID.

Routine Gynecological Annual Exam with or without Prescription Renewal

Please call 302-831-8035 in advance to schedule this appointment or make your appointment at out secure website.

If your prescription for birth control will run out before the scheduled visit, please let the nurse/receptionist know so that the triage nurse can arrange for you to pick up a prescription for one month extra to take you through to the appointment visit.

If you have had a complete exam at another facility (e.g., doctor or nurse practitioner at home, Planned Parenthood, public health clinic) in the last 10 months, you may obtain copies of these records and have them faxed to the Student Health Gyn Clinic as verification. That exam should include a pelvic and breast exam, pap smear, and STI test results if performed. Original prescriptions for hormonal methods from outside care providers can NOT be filled at the Student Health Prescription Supply Store.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception is now available over the counter without a prescription. EC can be purchased at any of the local pharmacies according to the store hours or can also be purchased at our Student Health Dispensary (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12noon, 1pm-4pm.) Please keep in mind that EC is most effective if taken within 72 hours, but can be taken out to 120 hours from an unprotected act of intercourse. For more information, review the Contraception/Emergency Contraception link below.

HPV Vaccine

The HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine is available for administration at SHS and can be billed through your insurance. In order to receive the vaccine, you can be scheduled with the Immunization Clinic by calling 831-4150. For more information on the Vaccine, you can check out the CDC website at:
STD Facts - HPV Vaccine

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling

Call for an appointment. Non-directive counseling is available regarding all pregnancy options & alternatives. These appointments will be scheduled once a period is missed. We do like to have the first morning urine for testing accuracy.

Appointments for Gynecological Problems and STD Screening & Counseling

Patients with urgent problems will be seen as soon as possible, but please call in advance to speak with the triage nurse, that way we can determine how best to meet your needs. If you are uncomfortable or very worried, we always try to arrange for you to be seen the same day you call, but that is not always possible. For less urgent problems, there may be a several day wait.
Patients who would like to schedule for just a routine STD screen can call or can make an appointment online.  Please schedule when you would not be bleeding and is at least two weeks from possible exposure.  Again, if you are having symptoms, please call 831-8035.
Patients who feel they have a simple urinary tract infection without vaginal symptoms can be evaluated in the main SHS medical clinic also.

Women's Health Information/Links

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