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Travel Health

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Appointment Information
To schedule a Travel Consultation (other than Study Abroad), please call 831-2226 or 831-4278. You will be given instructions for accessing the questionnaire when you make your appointment.  Please complete the questionnaire prior to your travel consultation. NOTE: The Travel Consultation and vaccine appointments are separate.
If you are participating in the UD Study Abroad program, please check the website here for scheduled travel consultation meetings. Prior to your Study Abroad Health Meeting, please view the HTH health and safety video above.

Travelers receiving medical care for any reason are reminded to inform their primary care practitioner about any recent foreign travel, vaccinations, or medications used. The cost for an employee consultation is $100. Student consultations are included in the semester Student Health fee. Travel consultation is required in order to receive malaria prescription or selected vaccines.

Student Health Service (SHS) offers Travel Consultations for University of Delaware employees and students visiting countries that may require vaccines and malaria prevention. A typical visit includes:

  • updated Travax®* report specific to the country/countries * Travax® is published by Shoreland, INC. and is a subscription service which includes information derived from reports provided by WHO, CDC and a variety of other sources to provide detailed information for 229 countries and territories.
  • required and/or recommended vaccine information
  • vaccine schedule
  • malaria prevention recommendation
  • malaria prophylaxis prescription if needed
  • vaccine prescription if needed
  • health precautions
  • disease risk summary
  • official health data

Travel vaccines are available at Student Health Service. Appointments are scheduled after completion of the Travel Consultation. Vaccines are an additional cost that will be charged to the student or employee account. Vaccination appointments should be scheduled 2 months prior to traveling, allowing ample time for necessary vaccines. Two weeks prior to your departure, you will need to have completed all necessary vaccinations. Certain countries suggest tuberculosis testing 3 months after returning from the visit. This can be done at SHS, for a nominal fee.

Other Travel Clinics
Travel Clinics listed are for local (Delaware) appointments. See the CDC website for clinics near where you live.

  • WorkPRO Occupational Health
    • 914 Justison Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
      Phone: 302-777-0720
    • 4051 Ogletown Road, Suite 102, Newark, DE 19713
      Phone: 302-722-4471
  • PassPort Health Travel Department
    Metroform Medical Complex, Ste. 101, 620 Stanton Christiana, Newark, DE (Located next to Shone Lumber)
    Phone: 302-633-5782
  • Concentra Medical Center
    4110 Stanton-Ogletown Road, Newark, DE
    Phone: 302-738-0103
  • Lewes Infectious Disease
    400 Savannah Rd, Ste. B, Lewes, DE
    Phone: 302-645-3232

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