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Sports Medicine

Medical services in support of the University Athletic Program are provided by an athletic medicine physician-nurse team. The services are offered in a Sports Medicine Clinic facility located at the Bob Carpenter Center in close proximity to practice, training, and game facilities.


The services provided at the Sports Medicine Clinic include primary care both in and out-of-season, pre-competition physical examinations, minor surgery, and non-operative orthopedics relating to sports injury.

All NCAA athletes are seen for physicals, recertification, illness, injury or other sports related problems. Students other than NCAA athletes will be seen by referral from a Student Health Service physician/nurse practitioner.


The Sports Medicine Clinic is open August through May, with limited hours in June and July. Clinic hours are 8am to noon and 1-6pm, Monday through Friday. Physicians and nurses are not available noon to 1 p.m.. For an appointment or additional information, contact the Sports Medicine Clinic at 831-2482.

When Sports Medicine is closed, athletes will be seen at Laurel Hall.


Please fill out the Pre-Participation Questionnaire prior to your appointment for your pre-participation physical.

Please fill out the Recertification Questionnaire prior to your appointment for your recertification physical.

Post Season Injury Questionnaire