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For Initial Use of or to Restart Birth Control Pills, Shots, Patches, Rings, implants or IUD’s:
A complete gynecologic history and pelvic examination is suggested prior to starting all hormonal methods of birth control: Oral contraceptives (The Pill), Depo-Provera® (The Shot), Ortho Evra® (The Patch), NuvaRing® (The Ring), Nexplanon® (implant) or an IUD. If you have never been evaluated by the UD Women’s Health Department for a routine examination, it can take 3-4 weeks to schedule this appointment.
The Women’s Health Department does routinely have patients who are starting hormones for the first time in their life to return for a 3 month “hormone check” counseling session prior to receiving a hormone prescription for the remainder of the year. You should call for this appointment at least 2 weeks prior to ending the last month supply of your hormone.
If you have had a complete exam at another facility (e.g., doctor or nurse practitioner at home, Planned Parenthood, public health clinic) in the last 10 months, you may obtain copies of these records and bring them or have them faxed to the Student Health Gyn Clinic as verification. That exam should include a pelvic and breast exam, pap smear, and STI test results if performed. Original prescriptions for hormonal methods from outside care providers can NOT be filled at the Student Health Dispensary.
We do have a limited brand of birth control pills at the clinic rate as well as Depo-Provera, and Ortho Evra. For questions regarding pricing, please call our office. (831-8035)

Emergency Contraception
Emergency Contraception is now available over the counter without a prescription. EC can be bought at any of the local pharmacies according to the store hours, or can also be purchased at our SHS Dispenary (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12noon, 1pm-4pm.)
Please keep in mind that EC is most effective if taken within 72 hours, but can be taken out to 120 hours from an unprotected act of intercourse.

Contraception Educational Links

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