Do you sometimes struggle to make the healthy choice- whether it’s going to bed early, choosing broccoli over potato chips or hitting the gym instead of watching an extra hour of TV? We all do.

No one’s perfect but we’re here to help you make that healthy choice more often. Over the next ten weeks we’re going to explore what we should be eating to make our bodies the healthiest they can be, the movement our bodies need to work properly, and how to make it all fit into your life.

We’re here to get you started on your journey to wellness- jump right in and Lose to Win!

Lose to Win! 2011 Program Session Descriptions

Week 1: Eating for Weight Loss: We’ll talk about components of a healthy diet including portion sizes, label reading, and meal timing.

Week 2: Exercise: This session will focus on time management- how to fit it all into your busy life.

Week 3: Mindfulness: We will review the basics of mindful eating and useful exercises to help you eat mindfully on a regular basis.

Week 4: Intuitive Eating, Part I: What kind of eater are you? This session will review mindful eating strategies, idea of self-awareness and food triggers, and use of food log to promote mindfulness.

Week 5: Cardiovascular Exercise: This active session will get you up and moving!

Week 6: Mindfulness:  This week we will review what to do when you slip up- how to avoid a lapse in healthy eating becoming a return to all unhealthy eating.

Week 7: Intuitive Eating, Part II: What can I eat now to avoid overeating later? This session will review the importance of meal timing and what foods you can eat to fill you up to help prevent overeating later in the day.

Week 8: Strength and Flexibility: This active session will review different exercises you can do to strengthen, stretch and tone your body.

Week 9: Restaurant Eating: How do I eat out and continue to lose weight? Session will review tips for meals on the go and include nutrition information for local restaurants.

Week 10: Nutrition Wrap up/ Review/Diet Myths. Session will review principles discussed over the semester allowing students to share what has worked for them for weight loss. We will also review diet fads and myths and answer any nutrition questions that are still not answered.

Week 11: Celebration! This session will involve a cooking demonstration as we celebrate our 10 weeks of hard work.


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