"Dare to be Fit" is now "Get Moving UD"- the friendly competition between the Blue and Gold teams returns for this fall's challenge. Now in its second year as a University-wide initiative, the challenge is co-sponsored by the Office of Human Resources' HealthyU Employee Wellness Program and Student Health Center's Healthy Hens Program. This year the UD faculty/staff (Gold team) will compete against the UD students (Blue team). Which group can accumulate the most number of minutes of physical activity in 8 weeks? Register now and be part of the fun!

There are so many good reasons to get moving.  Perhaps you already have your own reasons- or maybe you still need some convincing.  Either way, this program will help you make regular physical activity a part of your life.

  • Personal Activity Log-online and hardcopy versions will be available 
  • Weekly email newsletter with physical activity tips, success stories from participants
  • Group fitness activities scheduled throughout the challenge
  • Commit to being active during the 8-week fall fitness challenge. Moderate to vigorous activities like brisk walking, group fitness classes, weight training, hiking, running, etc., all count for this challenge.
  • Choose your activity goal for the number of minutes of physical activity you'd like to do each week.  Get moving for intervals as short as 10 minutes each, or set aside longer periods of physical activity as your schedule permits.
    • Beginner-75 minutes/week
    • Intermediate- 150 minutes/week
    • Advanced- 300 minutes/week
  • Track your minutes on your personal log.
  • Report your weekly minutes online so they are counted towards your team's total.
  • Attend the optional fitness activities to enhance your fitness and enjoyment of physical activity during the challenge.   

Need more information?  Email us at healthyhens@udel.edu or call 831-8321

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