Dare to be Fit

“Dare to be fit”, the 6-week physical activity challenge, returns for another year of friendly competition, with a twist. Healthy HENS is partnering with HealthyU to make this a campuswide challenge! Now is the time to team up with your fellow students and get moving! All forms of physical activity count for this challenge- strength training, stretching, cardio, recreational activities, fitness classes, etc.

Two teams –
The Blue led by Provost Tom Apple and Graduate Student Kerrigan Smith
The Gold led by Vice President for Finance & Administration J.J. Davis and Graduate Student Colin Dobbins

Each team will compete to see which team can accumulate the most minutes of physical activity during the campaign. This program is being expanded to include the entire University community. The employee wellness program-HealthyU-is partnering to offer activities just for employees.  Our goal is to encourage employees and students to make living a healthy lifestyle a priority as we begin another school year.

How the program works:

  • Recording your activity minutes.

    • Your personal minutes- choose from 1 of 3 activity goals based on your current fitness level and record your minutes of physical activity on your individual activity log.

    • Your team minutes- each week, you’ll report your total personal minutes, so that they can count towards your team’s weekly total. You may report up to a maximum of 500 minutes each week. Updated team totals will be posted on the Dare to be fit Sakai site by the end of the day on Thursdays.

    • In order to be eligible for your finisher’s prize, you must return your individual activity log to Healthy HENS by Friday, November 11th.

  • Free optional activities include the following:

    • Kickoff and Fitness Pre-test ?

    • Creek Road 5K Fun Walk/Run ?

    • Post-test/Wrap-Up Event ?

  • What’s included:

    • Activity log. All registered participants can either pick up their hardcopy log from Student Health Services the week of September 12th. An online activity log will also be available in Sakai.

    • Weekly fitness tips. Informative fitness tips will be sent to your email inbox and posted on Sakai each week.

    • “Dare to be fit” rally towel and wristband. All participants receive a gold or blue rally towel and wristband upon registration. Use your towel during your workouts and show off your team spirit. Wear your wristband with pride while you’re at work and see who else is on your team! If the Healthy HENS prize patrol spots you being physically active during your work breaks (or even if you’re walking briskly to a meeting), you could win a prize.

    • “Dare to be fit” finishers’ prize. All finishers who meet their goal and return their individual activity log by Friday, November 11th will receive a stainless steel water bottle.

  • How to Register

    • First- To register, go to Dare to be fit registration to complete your registration form, select your activity level and choose your team!

    • Second- Within a day or two of registering you will receive a confirmation email with additional program information.  You will also be given access to the Dare to be fit Sakai site.  If you prefer not to choose a team, the Healthy HENS staff will randomly assign you to either the Blue or Gold team and notify you of your team affiliation via email.