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Health Fee & Eligibility

All full-time students are eligible for services. In Fall/Spring semester, all full-time students are charged the semester health fee. In Winter Session, enrolled students are charged the Winter Session health fee. Students not enrolled in Winter Session may choose to pay the fee, or pay a fee-for-service. In Summer Session(s), students who were matriculated in the Spring and who have not yet graduated may pay an optional summer session fee, which covers all costs except x-ray, prescription drugs, special serum injections, off-campus medical referrals, and laboratory testing sent to private labs. The semester and Winter Session health fee also supports the mental health services offered through the Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD). Part-time matriculated students can receive the services of the SHS by paying either the semester/winter session health fee or separate charges for each service. More details about Student Health Service Fees and Charges

Dispensary Charges
(Prescription drugs available to UD students by order of a Student Health provider only. Prices subject to change)