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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled by phone or in person Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Call 831-2226.

Do I need to cancel my appointment?

If you are not going to keep an appointment please call well ahead of time so we can offer this appointment to another student.

If I become suddenly sick or injured can I be seen without an appointment?

At the Urgent/Walk-In Clinic no appointment is needed. A nurse will assess you and schedule appropriate care.

What if I am sick and have no way to get from my dorm to the health center?

Students can call Student Health at 302-831-2226 if unable to get to Student Health. If necessary, Student Health will contact Transportion Services or Public Safety to arrange transportation. In cases of emergency, dial 911 or phone Public Safety at 302-831-2222..

If it is 2am, do I need to wait until 8am to come over?

No, the Student Health Service is open 24 hours a day when classes are in session except during holidays, breaks and summers.

What if I feel sick and don't want to stay in my room?

Students who choose to do so may stay at the health center in the inpatient area.

I heard that if I have a cold I can come and get some free medicine. Is this true?

You can visit the Self Care Center and pick up a "cold pack" that contains some over-the-counter medicine plus disposable thermometers.

Does it matter if I am late for my appointment?

If you arrive late for your appointment you may need to reschedule. It is advisable to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Can I call and speak with someone about health questions?

Nurses are available to speak with you regarding health related questions and concerns. If the nurse is busy, leave a message and the nurse will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where is the Student Health Service located?

In Laurel Hall, which is at the lower end of South Campus; follow the walkway south from the library. We are on the NE side of the intersection of South College Avenue and East Park Place.

Where can I get the required medical history and immunization forms?

Immunization forms are mailed to incoming students. If you need another copy, call (302) 831-2226 or e-mail your name and address to and we will mail another copy. If you need the form immediately, you can download the forms and print them on your printer. Medical history forms are available to incoming students on the Student Health Secure Website --


What will happen to me if I do not return the immunization and medical history form?

The immunization and history forms are a pre-matriculation requirement. Matriculated students need to submit these forms to Student Health before starting classes. Any matriculating student who does not return these forms or who returns a form incomplete or who does not have the required immunizations or tuberculin ppd test or the required signatures will have registration blocked for the second matriculated term. For example, a student starting in the Fall who does not meet the requirement will have their spring registration blocked (starting with Spring preregistration).