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Oct. 20, 2005

To the University of Delaware community:

The University of Delaware is committed to being a diverse community that provides a safe and hospitable environment for all students, faculty and staff, irrespective of racial and ethnic background, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Many persons of good will have worked diligently to break down the barriers that separate people and create a living and learning environment where differences are celebrated, not feared.

However, recent events make it clear that not all share the commitment to diversity. Our community has been the site of hate crimes and bias-motivated threats and acts. Such behavior not only victimizes individuals, it also threatens the purposes and security of our entire community. Eliminating such behavior requires more than educational programs.

The University of Delaware must and will have a zero tolerance for hate. There is no place at the University of Delaware for those whose credo is meanness and whose method is intimidation. Those who engage in acts of hatred and bias-motivated threats and behavior will be confronted, prosecuted and expelled from our community.

I urge all members of the student body, faculty, staff and professionals to join me in implementing a zero tolerance for hate. My request of you is that every incident be reported. In turn, my pledge to you is that every reported incident will be investigated, and all guilty parties will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and, when applicable, through the University's judicial systems.

Working together we will ensure that all members of the University community feel in full measure the support they deserve. The values that underpin our community will prevail.


David P. Roselle


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