The University of Delaware’s STAR Campus is growing into a center of innovation that blends cutting-edge research, top-notch academics and thriving businesses in one location. STAR Campus provides educational and professional opportunities to students, research and collaborative inquiry to researchers and an educated and technologically savvy workforce to employers. STAR is igniting job and economic growth in Delaware for years to come.

STAR Campus sits atop 272 acres that once housed the Chrysler auto company’s Newark assembly facility. Chrysler’s 3.4 million-square-foot Newark plant was built in 1951 to produce tanks for the U.S. Army. During its years of operation, it manufactured millions of individual automobiles including popular models such as the LeBaron and Concorde, and when fully staffed employed more than 2000 people. The company shuttered the plant in 2008. The following year UD purchased the property and began its transformation.

Scences from the Chrysler auto Newark assembly
Revised Campus Master Plan

STAR Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan (revised 2017) is available for download (7.7 MB .pdf)

The campus design guidelines (developed 2014) are available for download. (82 MB .pdf)

Planning for tomorrow

The University is building out much of the campus through collaboration with outside entities. UD owns the land and leases it to industry partners. Current and future tenants build facilities that suit their individual needs while simultaneously fitting the University’s vision of a mixed-use urban development with vibrant street life. The master plan outlines concepts for the initial area of development; the 65 acres in the site’s northwest corner.

STAR Campus embodies real-world learning. Potential tenants are expected to offer internships for students and collaborative research opportunities for faculty.