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Any staff involved in an apparel company’s design, development, buying and merchandising, quality assurance, product integrity, sourcing, and other functions involved with getting products to market will benefit from this course on product safety.  It prepares designers and developers to create products in compliance with U.S. regulations, and prepares others in your company to manage the risk that products sourced and delivered will be the subject of embarrassing recalls or cause harm to consumers.  Supply chain partners will also benefit from an understanding of the U.S. regulations and their application to the products manufactured for you.

  • Become aware of the federal statutes related to textile and apparel product safety

  • Understand common product safety problems that may result in product safety recall by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or product confiscation by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection

  • Understand standards, applicable products, exemptions, test methods and requirements related to textile materials' flammability and chemical safety, and safety issues from apparel design features

  • Get a summary that can be used as a reference to request testing certificates related to product safety when designing, developing, sourcing or buying apparel products


This course is offered by the University of Delaware. Course creator and instructor is Huantian Cao, Ph.D., a leading authority on sustainable textile and apparel design and development. More...

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