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Impact of Corporate Purchasing Practices on Workers in Supply Chains

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This course is ideal for companies with global supply chains that are integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout the various functions of the company. The research-based content clarifies the links between the work carried out by design, product development, buying, merchandising, planning, sourcing, and other staff and potential factory violations of codes of conduct. It prepares staff from the junior to executive levels in these functional areas to support CSR work by achieving business goals in ways that reduce the negative impacts on suppliers.

  • Increase awareness of how day-to-day purchasing decisions can impact supplier compliance with human rights standards

  • Understand why supplier compliance to human rights standards matters

  • Identify strategies to determine the impact of the company’s purchasing practices on workers in supply chains


This is a joint course offered by the University of Delaware and the Cahn Group, LLC, a corporate responsibility consultancy. Course creators and instructors are Marsha Dickson, Ph.D., a leading authority on corporate responsibility in supply chains, and Doug Cahn, a 20-year veteran of corporate responsibility programs. More...

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