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"This is one of the highest quality programs that NCSS reviewers have ever reviewed.”
In 2003 the National Council of Social Studies gave the highest possible rating to the University of Delaware's Secondary Education Social Studies program. NCSS considers the program to be a model for Secondary Education programs nationwide.



Learning Portfolio Timeline for Review

  • Preliminary Review: You may complete one portfolio entry draft in the fall semester of your junior year. Contact the Social Studies Education Corrdinator to have someone review this draft with you.

  • First Review : You will submit your Learning Portfolio in February of your junior year for first review. You may turn in as many completed standards as you wish; however, you must complete and pass at least five of ten standards at this review before you will be accepted for student teaching. Keep in mind that the deadline for applying for student teaching is in the middle of February of your junior year-one year before you student teach.

  • Final Review : You will submit your completed Learning Portfolio by December 1st of your senior year for final review. This is a requirement for completing your History 491 Methods course. All remaining thematic standards will be evaluated at this time. You must pass all ten standards before you will be allowed to begin student teaching in the spring of your senior year.


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