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"This is one of the highest quality programs that NCSS reviewers have ever reviewed.”
In 2003 the National Council of Social Studies gave the highest possible rating to the University of Delaware's Secondary Education Social Studies program. NCSS considers the program to be a model for Secondary Education programs nationwide.



Downloadable Learning Portfolio Entry Templates

  1. Culture & Cultural Diversity (doc) (pdf)
  2. Time, Continuity, & Change (doc) (pdf)
  3. People, Places, & Environments (doc) (pdf)
  4. Individual Development & Identity (doc) (pdf)
  5. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions (doc) (pdf)
  6. Power, Authority, & Governance (doc) (pdf)
  7. Production, Distribution, & Consumption (doc) (pdf)
  8. Science, Technology, & Society (doc) (pdf)
  9. Global Connections (doc) (pdf)
  10. Civic Ideals & Practices (doc) (pdf)


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