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"This is one of the highest quality programs that NCSS reviewers have ever reviewed.”
In 2003 the National Council of Social Studies gave the highest possible rating to the University of Delaware's Secondary Education Social Studies program. NCSS considers the program to be a model for Secondary Education programs nationwide.



Learning Portfolio Instructions

For each of the 10 thematic standards, you will:

  1. List the courses you have taken (and final grade earned) that you feel have addressed this standard.
  2. Identify the one course that best enabled you to understand the concepts in this standard.
    • Attach a graded work sample from this class.
    • Attach a syllabus from this class. Highlight where the work sample appears in the syllabus.
    • Note that you can use one course for two standards; however, you can only use your graded work sample once. We prefer that you use a different class for each standard.
  3. Write an essay (approximatly 200 words typed, double-spaced, and in a 12-point font) that addresses the questions listed below.
    • Why did you choose this particular course as your example? (demonstrate that you understand the content and concepts contained in the standard) (show clearly how the course relates to the standard)
    • How does your work sample show that you understand this standard? (demonstrate the sample's relationship to the standard)

We are not "re-grading" your work sample. The grade you originally received is not as important to us as your explanation of what you learned from this course and the relationship between the work sample and the standard addressed.

Possible work samples include:

  • Exams
  • Quizzes
  • Projects
  • Worksheets
  • Papers
  • In-class assignment or activity (provide written instructions from professor)
  • Book review

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