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"This is one of the highest quality programs that NCSS reviewers have ever reviewed.”
In 2003 the National Council of Social Studies gave the highest possible rating to the University of Delaware's Secondary Education Social Studies program. NCSS considers the program to be a model for Secondary Education programs nationwide.



Learning Portfolio

Teaching in elementary and secondary school is based on state and national standards. These standards encompass the major bodies of knowledge, concepts, and skills that you will be responsible for teaching in middle school and high school. This means that you must demonstrate your competencies in each of these areas prior to teaching.

The national standards for social studies education are based on the ten thematic standards of the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS). The purpose of completing your Learning Portfolio is for you to demonstrate that you have mastered the knowledge, concepts, and skills that underpin each of the ten thematic standards of NCSS.

Moreover, the Learning Portfolio will enable you to:
  • get the most out of all your courses. It will help you to incorporate what you are learning as an undergraduate into your teaching experience.
  • avoid the compartmentalization of knowledge. Instead of merely checking off courses on the list to "fulfill requirements," this portfolio will help you to make connections between your courses and reflect on how you will incorporate this knowledge into your teaching.
  • understand all of the Social Studies disciplines you are required to know, not just your major.
  • get to know your advisors and instructors, and enable us to provide better advising.
  • develop your reflective skills---to think about what you learned and are learning. Reflective skills are essential for being a successful teacher, coach, parent, human being, etc.
  • pass Praxis II, which is especially helpful for the non History Education majors.
  • get out of here quicker!
  • get a better job after you graduate, regardless of where you plan to teach. NCSS Standards are national standards that are recognized in every state.


Important Tip for all Social Studies Education Students

Important! Be sure to save ALL graded assignments and syllabi throughout your college career--including your courses in the AA Program!

You will need to provide selected assignments and syllabi in order to submit the required Learning Portfolio early in the spring semester of your junior year.

Create folders (both hard copy  and electronic) so that you can save and access these materials for the Learning Portfolio requirement.