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NCSS Thematic Standards for Teaching Social Studies

The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) developed ten content standards, addressing the various areas of the Social Sciences.

Standard 1: Culture & Cultural Diversity (doc) (pdf)

Standard 2: Time, Continuity, & Change (doc) (pdf)

Standard 3: People, Places, & Environments (doc) (pdf)

Standard 4: Individual Development & Identity (doc) (pdf)

Standard 5: Individuals, Groups, & Institutions (doc) (pdf)

Standard 6: Power, Authority, & Governance (doc) (pdf)

Standard 7: Production, Distribution, & Consumption (doc) (pdf)

Standard 8: Science, Technology, & Society (doc) (pdf)

Standard 9: Global Connections (doc) (pdf)

Standard 10: Civic Ideals & Practices (doc) (pdf)