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Methods Students and Student Teaching

In the course of this program, you will pass through four stages of professional development; each stage will move you out of your "student's seat" and up to the front of the class! Stages three and four begin in your senior year, after you have applied for and have met the criteria for student teaching (applications are due in February of your junior year).

You will take EDUC420 (Reading in the Content Areas), HIST491 (Planning a Course of Instruction) and HIST492 (Integrating Instructional Technology into Social Studies teaching) during the Fall semester of your senior year. HIST491 is your "Methods" course. In this course, you will begin to put the pieces together from stages one and two. You will learn how to create course materials and lesson plans that meet State and National standards. You will develop effective teaching strategies that reflect your acquired content knowledge plus your understanding of adolescents and how they best learn. Through classroom observations, you will also learn more about the learners and classes you will be teaching during the Spring semester. You have now moved to the front of the classroom!

During the Spring semester of your senior year, after you have completed all of your coursework and have passed your Praxis II exam,  you will spend fourteen weeks student teaching in a middle school or high school classroom EDUC400 (Student Teaching: Social Studies) is your 9-credit teaching practicum. You will work closely with your cooperating teacher, your supervisor, and your Methods professor. At the same time, we will prepare you in your student teaching seminar, HIST493 (Problems in Teaching History and Social Studies), to seek out and get that perfect teaching position---to get a job at last!


History Education graduate Caitlyn McDonald reflects on her student teaching experience

History Education Graduates

History Education Graduates, 2011

Case study review session, 11/2010