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Advising Checklist for Social Studies Education Juniors

Refer to the Degree Checklist for their major, available on the web site. Encourage them to bring a copy filled out to every advising session throughout their undergraduate career.

______Confirm that student has taken  Praxis I

______Check on Learning Portfolio progress

______Enter advising meeting notes into Advisor notes


______Remind students that the deadline for student teaching applications is in February after the start of Spring Semester (submitted one year before expected date of student teaching). They will need to turn in five portfolio entries  as well as completed copies of the paperwork which is available on the web site each January: www.udel.edu/socialstudiesed

______Remind student of the strict GPA requirements for acceptance: a 2.75 cumulative and a 3.0 major GPA by February of their junior year.

______Remind students that they should complete their EDUC courses (419, 414, 413) before their senior year. EDUC419 and EDUC413 each have observation hours in the schools and should not be taken simultaneously, or with HIST 491.

______Remind students that they are responsible for their own transportation to and     from the middle and high schools, once they begin taking courses with observation components (EDUC413, EDUC419, HIST491, and student teaching)


______Determine if student can finish coursework by desired graduation date. No courses may be taken during student teaching other than the required EDUC400 and HIST493. Fall semester senior year, all students have five required units: HIST491 (3), HIST492 (1), and EDUC420 (1).

______Recommend that History Education students complete their 400-level HIST seminar in the spring of their junior year. [Other majors may also have discipline-specific recommendations]

______Recommend that students complete second writing requirement before their senior year. Have them email the professor to ensure that the class is being offered as a second writing class that particular semester.


Printable Checklist (pdf)

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