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University Requirements for Mathematics

Requires a minimum grade of "D-" ("P" is not acceptable).

Complete (3) credits of MATH 114, 115, 117, or 127 or a MATH course at the 2xx level or above (but not 201, 202, 251, 252 or 253).

Please note:  MATH 114 or higher must be taken concurrently or prior to ECON 101.  Hence we do not advise taking MATH 113 to fulfill the university math requirement.

Placement in UD Mathematics courses is done through the Math Placement Exam which indicates the math course(s) in which a student is eligible to begin. Incoming students take the placement exam on-line before they attend New Student Orientation (NSO) and are advised at their NSO appointment as to the appropriate course for their major.

Transfer students who have taken a college math course may not have completed the online placement exam, although it is highly recommended. Math courses transferred from other institutions as MATH 166 or 266 should be re-evaluated by the UD Mathematics Department. If the Math Department deems the course is equivalent to a UD course, they will notify the University Transfer Center and the transcript will be updated. If not, the student will need to take a course that will fulfill the requirement. Details about how to request evaluation of MATH transfer credits can be found here.
Alternate option for students bringing a strong math background from high school: Students can take the Math Proficiency Exam (different test from the Math Placement Exam). There is no fee. Passing the Proficiency Exam results in exemption from the Math requirement. The exam is offered three times a year. Students should contact the Math Department for more information and for exam dates.

Students who have completed their university math requirements are strongly urged to take the CORE exam soon after.

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