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"This is one of the highest quality programs that NCSS reviewers have ever reviewed.”
In 2003 the National Council of Social Studies gave the highest possible rating to the University of Delaware's Secondary Education Social Studies program. NCSS considers the program to be a model for Secondary Education programs nationwide.



Frequently Asked Questions

When do I apply to student teach?

Spring semester of your Junior year, during February.

How do I apply to student teach?

The application procedure and forms will be available each January on this site's homepage.

When am I allowed to student teach?

Only during the spring semester of your Senior year after you have taken HIST 491.

When do I take HIST 491 ("Planning a Course of Instruction")?

During the fall semester of your Senior year, the semester prior to your spring student teaching semester. You can register for this course only if you have applied for and have been accepted for student teaching (see question #1).

When should I begin taking my professional education courses?

Begin taking EDUC413, EDUC414 and EDUC419 in the spring semester of your sophomore year. We recommend taking EDUC 414 & EDUC 419 before EDUC 413.

When do I take EDUC420 and HIST492?

Take EDUC420 ("Reading in the Content Area") & HIST492 (Integrating Instructional Technology into Social Studies Teaching) during the fall semester of your senior year.

Can I take any other courses besides HIST491 during the fall of my senior year?

Yes, you may take a full load of courses along with HIST 491 in the fall of your Senior year.

Can I take extra courses while I student teach?

You are allowed to ONLY take the following courses in the spring of your senior year:

  • EDUC400-Student teaching (9 Units)
  • HIST493-Student Teaching Seminar (3 Units)

Student teaching is a fulltime job…. do not plan on holding any other job during this semester!

Am I allowed to use courses in my major and related courses to also satisfy my ABCD general Education requirements?

Yes! See Coursework Matrix

When should I take the CORE (formerly Praxis I) exam?

Take CORE (formerly Praxis I) as soon as you complete your University Math Requirement. You must submit proof of successfully passing CORE by February of your junior year to Ms. Barbara VanDornick.

Am I certified to teach after I complete the program?

The University of Delaware will issue you a "Recommendation for Certification" once you finish the program. Individual States certify teachers to teach, not Universities. Each State has its own criteria, of which a "Recommendation for Certification" is one requirement. For individual state requirements, refer to the State Certification Offices

Who is my advisor?

Each program has its own advisor who works Social Studies Education students. Locate your advisor on our faculty advisor web page.

What if I do not meet the GPA requirements for student teaching, or decide not to finish the program?

If you are not accepted for student teaching, or decide not to finish the program, you can change your major by dropping the "Education" component of your major and graduate with a degree in your discipline. For instance, you can change your major from "History Education" to "History" and graduate with a degree in History.

Will I be able to pursue a minor or minors while majoring in Social Studies Education? And what about study abroad?

Yes to both questions!  Careful, early  planning will allow you pursue minor fields and to participate in study abroad programs.  Obtaining certain minors will enhance your future job prospects.  For more information, go to  recommended minor fields and programs.