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Welcome to my instructor website. Here you will find course information for the courses I teach, information on my research projects and much, much more. Thanks for visiting.You can also view more of my detailed research on EDM website. Click here to visit.


Dr. Anderson’s edited volume “Neither Villain nor Victim: Empowerment and Agency among Women Substance Abusers" has been published by Rutgers University Press in 2008. It is a volume of 12 original essays by leading senior and junior scholars in the field of gender, drugs, and alcohol studies. The book is now available at:


Dr. Anderson's book "Rave Culture: The Alteration and Decline of a Music Scene." will be published by Temple University Press in Spring, 2009. ______________________________________________________________________

Dr. Anderson and her research staff currently have four papers in various stages of development based on her NIJ funded study (Grant #2004-IJ-CX-0040) on drugs and crime in Philadelphia nightclubs. They include:

1. Anderson, Daly and Rapp. "Clubbing Masculinities and Crime: A Qualitative Study of Philadelphia Nightclub Scenes" currently under review at Feminist Criminology

2. Anderson. "Understanding the Drugs and Crime Relationship in Entertainment Hot Spots: The Importance of Social Context" under review for special issue on Leisure from International Forum of Sociology.

3. Anderson, Kavanaugh, Rapp, and Daly. "Drug Use Careers and Related Consequences among Young Clubbers: Comparisons by Scene, Race and Gender" forthcoming in special issue on Club Health in Addiciones.

4. Anderson and Romond. "The Role of Race in Physical and Verbal Assault in Nightclub Events." Currently in progress. ______________________________________________________________________

Kavanaugh and Anderson. "Managing Physical and Sexual Assault Risk and Nightclub Events" forthcoming in Deviant Behavior in 2009.

Dr. Anderson has papers forthcoming in 2009 in Sociological Forum (Understanding Music Scene Transformation: Observations from Rave culture) and in 21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook (Theft and Shoplifting). ______________________________________________________________________

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Joel Best will host a study abroad program in criminal justice in London 2009. They will teach UK-oriented classes in Alcohol, Drugs and Crime and on the History of Crime. With the students, they will visit Old Bailey, the London Tower, Hampton Court, Liverpool drug treatment clinics, the Beatles Museum, numerous contemporary plays and many other attractions. They will also take the famous Jack-the-Ripper tour. They plan to offer the same program in 2010. Make sure you sign up early! ______________________________________________________________________

Dr. Anderson and Philip Kavanaugh have published two papers on the raves and the EDM scene in top sociology journals: The Sociological Quarterly (2008) and Sociology Compass(2007). Click here for more information
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