Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenber Professor of Sociology

University of Delaware

334 Smith Hall

Newark, DE  19716



302-831--0649 (office)                                                                       410-392-3119 (home)

302-831-2607 (fax)                                                                   




Ph.D.               University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Sociology), 1976

M.A.                University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Sociology), 1973

B.A.                Georgia State University, Atlanta (Sociology), 1970


Honors and Awards:

Robin M. Williams Lecture Award, Eastern Sociological Society, 2008

Jessie Bernard Award, American Sociological Association, 2006

College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award, 2004

Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) Feminist Lecturer Award, 2004 

Faculty Mentor Award, McNair Scholars Program, University of Delaware, 2001

E. Arthur Trabant Institutional Award for Women's Equity, University of Delaware, 1997 

I. Peter Gellman Award, Eastern Sociological Society, 1988

Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Delaware, 1980 

AAUW Outstanding Young Scholar Award, State of Delaware, 1979 

Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honors Society 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Employment History: 

2006 - present Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg Professor of Sociology, University of Delaware

1989 - 2005  Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, University of Delaware

1999 - 2000       Visiting Professor, Stanford University, Center for Comparative Studies in

                              Race and Ethnicity

1997 - 1999       Interim Dean, College of Arts & Science, University of Delaware 

1990 - 1997       Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Delaware (Associate 

Provost for Instruction, 1990-92; title changed in 1992; Acting, 1990-91) 

1986 - 1989       Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology 

1982 - 1989       Associate Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, University of 


1981 - 1985       Director, Women's Studies Program, University of Delaware 

1984                Visiting Professor in Women's Studies, Massachusetts Institute Technology 

1976 - 1982       Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Delaware 

1974 - 1976       Instructor, University of Delaware 

1972 - 1974       Instructor, Hartford College for Women, Hartford, Connecticut 

1970 - 1974       Teaching Assistant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Research 

                              Assistant, Summer 1991)

1968 - 1970       Secretary, University Computer Center, Georgia State University 


Areas of Specialization: 


Race and Ethnic Relations 

Sociology of Sex and Gender/Women's Studies 

Sociological Theory 




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Other Published Materials: 

Andersen, Margaret L. 2005. “Notes from the Field.” SWS Network News 22 (Spring) 16-17.


Margaret L. Andersen and Howard F. Taylor. 2004. "Tips on Teaching." Available on web and CD-rom. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing. 

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Grants and Fellowships: 

Center for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Delaware, “Creating Active Learning in Large Introductory Courses,” $22,000, 2003-2004. 

Faculty Fellow, Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education, University

of Delaware, Summer 2000.


Co P/I, Hewlett Foundation, Institutional Grant for General Education Reform, $250,000, 1999-2000 (with Professors Kate Conway-Turner and Carol Hoffecker). 

P/I, Hewlett Foundation, Planning Grant for General Education Reform, $40,000, 1997. 

Co-Director, Faculty Development Project, University of Delaware, 1985 (Grant from University Provost's Office for $25,000). 

Co-Director (with Dr. Carole Marks), American Sociological Association, MOST (Minority Opportunity Summer Training Program), 1988-1991, funded by the  Ford Foundation ($250,000 to American Sociological Association) 

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for Independent Study and Research, 1984-1985. 

Project Director, Delaware Humanities Forum (Interdisciplinary lecture series in Women Studies),

            Spring 1984.


National Mellon Fellowship, Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, Spring 1983. 

General University Research Fund Grant, University of Delaware, "Race and Social Class on the Eastern Shore of Maryland," Summer 1982. 

Instructional Improvement Grant, University of Delaware (with Dr. Gloria Hull),   January-May 1982 

Instructional Improvement Grant, University of Delaware (with Dr. Sandra Harding),  Summer 1980 

Post-Doctoral Seminar, "Higher Education Environments, Women and Minorities," Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, 1979-1980 (funded by  National Institute of Education and Higher Education Resource Services) 

Selected Presentations: 


Andersen, Margaret L. 2005. “Understanding Intersections: Race, Class, Gender and the Sex Question,” No Limits Conference, University of Nebraska, Kearney, March.


Andersen, Margaret L. 2005. “Black History Month: Why Diversity Matters,” University of North Carolina, Pembroke, February.


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            Technical and Community College, November.


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Andersen, Margaret. 1990. "Education for a Change: Developing an Inclusive Perspective." University of Miami, March. 


Editorial Work:


Editor, Gender & Society, 1990-1995 

Editorial Board, ASA Rose Monograph Series, 2000-2003

Editorial Board, Race and Society, 1996-present 

Editorial Board, Contemporary Sociology, 1991-1994 

Advisory Editor, Gender & Society, 1987-1989 

Editorial Board, Teaching Sociology, 1986-1988 

Editorial Board, Women's Review of Books, 1983-present 

Associate Editor, Race Relations Abstracts, 1975-1977 



American Sociological Review, 2000-present

Gender & Society, 1996-present

Signs, 1984-present

Social Problems, 1995-present

Sociological Forum, 1995-present 

Social Science Quarterly, 1987-present 

ASA Rose Manuscript Series, 1988-1989 

The American Sociologist, 1988 

The Sociological Quarterly, 1988-1989 

Women and Politics, 1980-1981 

Social Psychology Quarterly, 1983-1986 

Sociology and Social Research, 1977-1986 

Criminology, 1978-1982 

Contemporary Crisis, 1978-1982 

Social Forces, 1977-1978 


 Professional Service:  

American Sociological Association:

Vice President, 2008-2009
Committee on Distinguished Scholarly Publication, 2004-2007 (Chair, 2005-2006)
Task Force on Advanced Placement in Sociology, 2001-2004 Council, 1993-1996; 2007-2009
Advisory Board MOST Program (Minority Opportunity Summer Training); co-founder, 1989-1996 
Committee on Committees, 1990-1991 
Chair, Sex & Gender Dissertation Award Committee, 1989-1990 
Program Committee, 1988-1990; 2007-2009 
Chair, Section on Sex and Gender, 1988-1989 
Member, Task Force on Minority Fellowship Program, 1985-1989 
Member, Committee on the Status of Women, 1987-1989 
Member, Committee on Minority Fellowship Program, 1983-1986 
Program Organizer, Sex and Gender, 1986 
Session Organizer, Race and Ethnic Relations, 1982 


Eastern Sociological Society:


President, 1998-99  

Vice-President, 1992-93

Executive Committee, 1984-1988

Chair, Merit Award Committee, 2003-04 (member, 2001-04; 2005)

Chair, Nominations Committee, 1993-1995; member, 2002-03 

Chair, Papers Committee, 1996-1997

Program Committee, 1986-1987

Society for the Study of Social Problems: 

Chair, Editorial and Publications Committee, 2002-03 (member 2001-04) 

C. Wright Mills Award Committee, 1999 

Sociologists for Women in Society: 

Member, Discrimination Committee, 1997-1999

President, Delaware Chapter, 1979-1980

Chair, National Advisory Board, Stanford University Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, 2001-present (Chair, 2002-present)

Member, Board of Visitors, College of Arts and Science, Georgia State University (2006-Present)

Reviewer, National Science Foundation, 2003-present

Teaching Faculty, Memphis State University, Curriculum Workshop, Summer 1988 & 1989 

Chair, Planning Committee, Mellon Seminar Retrospective Conference, May, 1985 

Co-Chair, Faculty Development Seminar on Integrating Women to the Study of Science and Technology, Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, 1984-1985 

Planning Committee, University of Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic Women's Studies Seminars, 1982-1985 



Program Reviews: Georgia State University; University of Massachusetts, Lowell; University of California, Santa Cruz; Northern Arizona University; University of California, Santa Barbara; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; University of Maryland, College Park;

Curriculum Consulting: Promotion and Tenure Reviewer: Brandeis University, University of Oregon, University of Michigan; California State University, San Marcos; College of William & Mary; Ursinus College; Gettysburg College; Towson State University; State College; Drexel University; SUNY- Albany; Stockton State College; Bucknell University; Pennsylvania  State University; among others 

Promotion and Tenure Reviewer: Brandeis University, University of California, San Diego; University of Oregon, University of Kansas, among many others.


Faculty Development Program, Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, 1983-1985  

Selected University Service: (excluding administrative appointment) 

Member, Executive Committee, Black American Studies Program (2005-2006)

Chair, Department of Nursing Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2003-2004

Co-Chair, University of Delaware/Spelman College Committee on Paul Jones African American Art Collection

Women’s Studies Executive Committee, 2000-2002

President’s Commission on the Status of Women, 1990-1992

President’s Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity, 1988-1991

Advisory Board, Center for Teaching Effectiveness, 1987-1988

Peer Review Committee, College of Urban Affairs, 1987

Dean’s Advisory Council, 1982-1984

Chair, Committee on Committees, University Faculty Senate, 1983-1984

Organizer, Research on Racism Series

Co-organizer, Research on Women Series

Dean’s Review Committee on Women’s Studies Program, 1979-9180

Member. Commission on the Status of Women

Chair, Women’s Studies Executive Committee, 1975-1976

Faculty Advisor, S.O.S. (Sexual Assault Support Team), 1978-1980

Co-organizer, Faculty Seminar, “Philosophy of the Social Sciences,” 1977


Departmental Service: 

Search Committee, 2005-2006 (Chair), 2000-2001 (Chair), 1989-90 (Chair), 1986-87, 1975-76 (Chair)

Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2000-2001

Graduate Policy Committee, 1982-1983; 1986-1990 

Undergraduate Policy Committee 

Colloquium Committee, (Chair) 2001-2002

Co-organizer, Departmental Dissertation Workshop, 2000-2002

Departmental Policy Committee, 1982-1983 

Alpha Kappa Delta Advisor, 1978-1981 

Theory Ph. D. Area Committee, 1976-1986 

Gender Ph.D. Area Committee, (Chair) 1982-present 

Race and Ethnicity Ph. D. Area Committee (Chair), 1999-2004


Professional/Community Associations: 

American Sociological Association

Sociologists for Women in Society 

Eastern Sociological Society 

Society for the Study of Social Problems 

Association of Black Sociologists 

Metropolitan Urban League, Wilmington, DE