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Sociology and Criminology Graduate Students

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Areas of Interest
Akilah Alleyne akialley@udel.edu School Discipline; Family; Military Sociology
Dana Alvare Dana Alvare dalvare@udel.edu Race & Gender Stratification; Family & Child Abuse; U.S. Legal History with Respect to Black Citizenship; Intersection of Race with the Death Penalty
Melissa Archer Melissa Archer marcher@udel.edu Social Movements; Collective Behavior; Activism; Race; Inequality
Aneesa Baboolal aneesa@udel.edu Feminist Theory & Gender; Race; Socal Inequality
Patricia Becker beckerp@udel.edu Ex-offender Reentry; Sexual Victimization; Gender; Crime & Justice
Ashleigh Bothwell aaboth@udel.edu Collective Behavior; Disasters
Ava Carcirieri Ava Carcirieri acarc@udel.edu Victimization; Body Shame; Women's Issues; Gender & Sexuality; Law & Public Policy
TaLisa Carter TaLisa Carter tjcarter@udel.edu Corrections; Race; Social Disorganization; Institutions
Darryl Chambers dchamber@udel.edu Re-entry; Youth Crime; Inequality; Neighborhoods
Monica Cuddy mcuddy@udel.edu Medical Sociology; Medical Education; Gender; Research Methods
Ashley Farmer Ashley Farmer akfarmer@udel.edu Policing; Comparative Criminal Justice; Environmental Sociology/Disasters; & Research Methods
Zephi Francis zfrancis@udel.edu  
Andrew Gray grayac@udel.edu Juvenile Justice; Substance Abuse; Corrections; Victimology
D’Janna Hamilton djhami@udel.edu  
Kristen Hefner M. Kristen Hefner mkhefner@udel.edu Gender; Prison; Criminal Justice System
Andrea Schloss Andrea Kelley adkelley@udel.edu Gender & Sexuality; LGBT Issues; Comprehensive Sexuality Education; Mental Health
Ashley Kilmer akilmer@udel.edu Criminal Justice-Related Legislation & Policy; Re-Entry; Sex Offenders
Li Luye Luye Li luyeli@udel.edu Law; Criminology
Kai Lin Kai Lin kailin@udel.edu Social Construction of Social Issues Such as Social Problems, Legality, Mental Problems, & Sexuality; Qualitative & Quantitative Research on the Construction of Intimate Partner Violence, Homosexuality, & Alternative Sexual Practices as Social Problems in Different Cultural Contexts
Lin Liu lindyliu@udel.edu  
Nicole Lloyd Nicole Lloyd nll@udel.edu Sexuality; Social Problems Focused on Human Rights; Sex & Gender
Ashley Mancik Ashley Mancik amancik@udel.edu Violent Crime
Matt Manierre Matthew Manierre manierre@udel.edu Health Disparities; Aging; Quantitative Methods; Health Communication; Inequality
Mary Nelan Mary Nelan mnelan@udel.edu Environmental Sociology; Disasters; Inequality/Stratification
Samantha Penta Samantha Penta spenta@udel.edu Disasters
Graciela Perez Graciela Perez graciep@udel.edu Juvenile Delinquency; Child Deception; Family & Child Abuse
BrandiePugh Brandie Pugh bpugh@udel.edu College Sexual Assault & Alcohol; Crime, Especially Violence Against Women
Ashante Richards ashanter@udel.edu Delinquency; Family Violence; Substance Abuse; Juvenile Justice
Em Rowe Em Rowe erowe@udel.edu Gender; Sexuality
Jennifer Snyder Jennifer Snyder jlsnyder@udel.edu Mass & Social Media; Sociology of Knowledge; Research Methods.
Joshua Stout jhstout@udel.edu Responses & Media Coverage of Mass Violence
Isaiah Thompson isaiaht@udel.edu Race & Sexuality; Pop Culture
Brianna Van Arsdale blv@udel.edu Gender; Sexuality; Family
Jascha Wagner jascha@udel.edu  
Wenjin Wang wingjin@udel.edu  
Tanya Whittle Tanya Whittle twhittle@udel.edu Drug Policy; Sociology of Law; Vice Crimes; Sex Industries