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AKD 2013 Group Photo
AKD 2013 Inductees
Anne Bowler
Anne Bowler
Ashley Farmer presenting the Jan Burrows Award
Ashley Farmer
Anne Bowler's sSide Presentation
Anne Bowler's Slide Presentatiion
Jan Burrows Award<br />Ashley Farmer<br />Anne Bowler
Jan Burrows Award
Ashley Farmer
Anne Bowler
Benjamin McLuckie Award<br />Eric Tranby<br />Rachel Bacon
Benjamin McLuckie Award
Eric Tranby
Rachel Bacon
Perfetti Award<br />Ben Fleury-Steiner<br />Michael Burtis
Len Perfetti Award
Ben Fleury-Steiner
Michael Burtis
Scarpitti Award<br />Ronet Bachman, Erin Kerrison
Frank Scarpitti Award
Ronet Bachman
Erin Kerrison
AKD 2013 Awards
AKD 2013 Awards