WebQuest Evaluation
This template is based on version 1.03 of the WebQuest Rubric as modified by Laura Bellofatto, Nick Bohl, Mike Casey, Marsha Krill, and Bernie Dodge and last updated on June 19, 2001.

Name: Date:
Title WebQuest Evaluated:
URL of WebQuest Evaluated:

Score Explanation

Overall Aesthetics (This refers to the WebQuest page itself, not the external resources linked to it.)

Overall Visual Appeal
(0-4 pts.)


Navigation & Flow
(0-4 pts.)
Mechanical Aspects
(0-2 pts.)


Motivational effectiveness of Introduction (0-2 pts.)


Cognitive effectiveness of the Introduction
(0-2 pts.)


Task (The task is the end result of student efforts... not the steps involved in getting there.)

Connection of Task to Standards
(0-4 pts.)


Cognitive Level
of the Task
(0-6 pts.)


Process (The process is the step-by-step description of how students will accomplish the task.)

Clarity of Process
(0-4 pts.)


Scaffolding of Process
(0-6 pts.)

Richness of Process
(0-2 pts.)


Resources (Note: you should evaluate all resources linked to the page, even if they are in sections other than the Resources block. Also note that books, video and other offline resources can and should be used where appropriate.)

Relevance & Quantity of Resources
(0-4 pts.)


Quality of
(0-4 pts.)



Clarity of Evaluation Criteria
(0-6 pts.)


Total Score
(0-50 pts.)