University of Delaware Chapter of Sigma Xi

2008 Undergraduate Thesis Awards

Each senior thesis and undergraduate researcher recognized by this award were nominated by research advisers and members of the thesis committee. Each were enthusiastic about the nominees' research endeavors to date and their prospects for continuted contributions to scholarship.

A $100 gift card, certificate of recognition, and nomination as associate members of Sigma Xi (with first-year's dues sponsored by the chapter) will be presented at the departmental convocation of each award winner.

Undergraduate Thesis Awards for 2008 were awarded to the following recipients:

Andrew Harmon
"Investigating Human and Drosophilia Sprinter Function"
Adviser: Melinda Duncan, biological sciences

Greg Gibson
"DNA methylation of egr-1 in the lateral nucleus of the rattus norvegicus amygdala following contextual fear condition."
Advisor: Jeff Rosen, psychology

Greg Goldberger
"Effect of Bottom Heat, IBA Concentration and IBA application Method on Propagation of Spigelia marilandica"
Adviser: Wallace Pill, plant and soil science

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