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2006 Undergraduate Thesis Awards

Each Honors thesis and undergraduate researcher recognized by this award were nominated by research advisers and members of the thesis committee. Each were enthusiastic about the nominees' research endeavors to date and their prospects for continuted contributions to scholarship.

A $100 gift card, certificate of recognition, and nomination as associate members of Sigma Xi (with first-year's dues sponsored by the chapter) will be presented at the departmental convocation of each award winner.

Undergraduate Thesis Awards for 2006 were awarded to the following recipients:

Becky E. Gable, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Distinction, with minor in Biochemical Engineering
"Surface Chemistry Dependence on Microrheological Measurements"

Adviser: Eric Furst , chemical engineering

Jessica Ann Hall, Honors B.S. in Animal Science with Distinction, with minors in German and Biological Sciences
"Analysis of Hepatic Gene Expression in Chickens with Hormonally-Induced Lean and Fat Phenotypes"
Adviser: Larry Cogburn, animal and food sciences

Nicole D. Jackson, Honors B.S. in Athletic Training with Distinction, with minor in Strength and Conditioning
"The Effects of Fatigue on Reaction Time during Sudden Ankle Inversion"
Adviser: Thomas Kaminski, health, nutrition, and exercise sciences

Janine E. Janoski, B.S. in Mathematics with Distinction
"J-omino Packings"
Adviser: John Pelesko, mathematical sciences

Sonali Joshi, Honors B.S. in Biological Sciences with Distinction, with minor in Chemistry
"Functional Role of Heparanase in Chondrogenesis"
Adviser: Mary C. Farach-Carson, biological sciences

Janelle A. Konchar, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Distinction, with minor in Mathematics
"Mathematical Modeling and Testing of a New Polymer-Based Impact Tool Design to Reduce Vibration-Related Biomechanical Injuries"
Adviser: James Glancey, bioresources engineering and mechanical engineering

James J. Parris, Honors B.S. in Biochemistry, with minor in Biological Sciences
"Developmental Expression Pattern of Junctional Adhesion Molecule-A (JAM-A)"
Adviser: Ulhas Naik, biological sciences

The selection committee was chaired by Ulhas Naik, biological sciences, with committee members including: Deni Galileo, biological sciences; Ismat Shah, materials science and engineering/physics and astronomy; Joan Burnside, animal and food sciences; Joseph Fox, chemistry and biochemistry; and Jeffrey Rosen, psychology.

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