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2006 Research Prizes

Undergraduate Research Prizes for 2006 were awarded at the following events:

August 9, 2006, at McKinly Laboratory, UD Newark campus
Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations, Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Award Recipients: [photos]
First: Wen Allen Tseng (major in Biological Sciences; minors in Biochemical Engineering and Biochemistry)
    Research adviser: Ulhas Naik (Biological Sciences)
Second: Daniel Silverio (major in Chemistry)
    Research adviser: Douglass Taber (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Third: Erin Reed (major in Wildlife Conservation; minor in Religious Studies)
    Research adviser: Douglas Tallamy (Entomology and Applied Ecology)
Judges: Carlton Cooper (Biological Sciences), Kirk Czymmek (Biological Sciences ), Jeff Rosen (Psychology), and Murali Temburni (Biological Sciences)

August 11, 2006, at Cannon Marine Studies Laboratory, UD Lewes campus
Research Presentations, NSF-REU Summer Intern Students in the College of Marine and Earth Studies
Award Recipients:
First: Jennifer Griffith (majors in Biochemistry and Psychology, Salisbury University)
    Research adviser: Kathryn J. Coyne (Marine and Earth Studies)
Second: Matthew Jennis (major in biology, Pennsylvania State University)
    Research adviser: Jack Gallagher (Marine and Earth Studies)
Third: Veronica Searles (major in biology, Brown University)
    Research adviser: Patrick Gaffney (Marine and Earth Studies)
Judges: Stephen Dexter, Douglass Miller, and Karen Pelletreau (all Marine and Earth Studies)

August 11, 2006, at Ewing Hall, UD Newark campus
Research Presentations, Mathematical Sciences Summer Research Symposium
Award Recipients:
Alison Gordon (major in Mathematics; minors in Applied Music-Voice and Computer Science)
    Research adviser: Felix Lezebnik (Mathematical Sciences)
Gloria Amakobe (major in Mathematics and Economics) and Drew Amis (major in Chemical Engineering; minor in Mathematics)
    Research adviser: Louis Rossi (Mathematical Sciences)
Judges: Rakesh (Mathematical Sciences) and Ajay Prasad (Mechanical Engineering)

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