University of Delaware Chapter of Sigma Xi

2004 Research Prizes

Undergraduate Research Prizes for 2004 were awarded at these events:

1:00pm, August 11, 2004, at 061 McKinly Laboratory, UD Newark campus
Undergraduate Student Oral Presentations, Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
Award Recipient: Matthew Roberts (UD Biochemistry)
    Research adviser: Cliff Robinson (UD Chemistry and Biochemistry)
    Judges: Louis Rossi (UD Mathematical Sciences) and Billy Glass (UD Geology)

9:00am, August 13, 2004, at 202 Cannon Marine Studies Laboratory, UD Lewes campus
Research Presentations, NSF-REU Summer Intern Students in the College of Marine Studies
Award Recipient: Julie Anderson (Truman State University, Biology)
    Research adviser: Nancy Targett (UD Marine Studies)
    Judges: Stephen Dexter, John Boyer, and Letise Houser (all UD Marine Studies)

9:00am, August 17, 2004, at 209 Ewing Hall, UD Newark campus
Research Presentations, Mathematical Sciences Summer Research Symposium
Award Recipients: Janine Janoski and Lauren Rossi (UD Mathematics)
    Research adviser: John Pelesko (UD Mathematical Sciences)
    Judges: Pam Cook (UD Mathematical Sciences), Annette Shine (UD Chemical Engineering),
    and George Watson (UD Physics and Astronomy)

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