Ronald Breitweiser ‘84BE

Peter C. Frank ’93 BE

Alan D. Kleinberg ‘83BE

John A. Larson ‘88BE

Karl T. Smith ’79AS

Alumni who lost family members in the tragedies of September 11, 2001

Jill S. Abbott ‘89AS – lost her father, Michael San Phillip

Yarah Bailey ’97AS – lost her brother, Brett Bailey and cousin, Robert Coll

Lawrence Catuzzi ‘58HNS – lost his daughter, Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas

Erin Finnegan ’87BE – lost her husband, Michael Bradley Finnegan

Mark Grabowski ‘86AS – lost his brother, Jon Grabowski

Sean Holohan ‘98AS – lost his brother, Thomas P. Holohan, Jr.

Kristen Liebsch ‘91AS – lost her brother-in-law, James Murphy

Jeanna Mastrocinque’03AS – lost her cousin, Rudy Mastrocinque

Lori Schertzer ‘92BE – lost her brother, Scott Schertzer

Davis G. Sezna (Friend) – lost his son, Davis G. Sezna, Jr.

Richard H. Stewart ‘57AS – lost his son, Rich Stewart

Patricia A. (Kiefer) Warner ‘89BE – lost her husband, Brian G. Warner

As of 9/5/03

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