Secure UD Policy

Secure UD Policy

Secure UD policy is the embodiment of the mission and vision for information security at the University of Delaware. It is the core of a risk-driven information security initiative that equips and guides University employees with the information and tools they need in order to understand and prepare for computing and information security threats.

It is the foundation for a comprehensive information security and risk management framework that encompasses IT policies, an adaptable information security program, and supporting tools and guidance. Together, these elements establish an institutional baseline for proper information risk management and the protection of IT resources.

Secure UD's ultimate goal is to manage the risk to and security of the University's IT resources and those they represent: individual members of the University community, other organizations, and even the nation. It works from the ground up to establish a common institutional language for consistently understanding and managing information risk.

Secure UD depends on the combined efforts of IT, University units, and individual University employees to manage the risk to personal and University data and systems.

What does Secure UD policy say?

Secure UD policy is the core of the University's information security efforts.

For most University units, the unit guide to managing data risks (included in the Secure UD Toolkit) provides an overview of what Secure UD policy means and how to comply.

To assist units in complying with policy and applying it to support their needs, IT also provides the Secure UD Toolkit. Included in this toolkit are guides and job aids that help units assess and improve their security practices within the context of their operations.

Units will create information security plans that will identify specific security practices relevant to their needs, but many of these requirements may not be new. For example, Secure UD Training has been in effect since 2014, and locking devices with a password has always been a best practice.

For most employees, Secure UD policy just formalizes of many of the best practices for information security that they already follow.

For a complete and comprehensive look at Secure UD policy, explore

  1. IT policies, which establish the need for information security and risk management at the University.
  2. the Secure UD Data Governance & Security Program (Secure UD DGSP), which organizes risks to the University's IT resources and sets forth the security standards to which IT resources are held.

In short, Secure UD policy highlights the responsibility of the University, every unit, and every employee to help protect IT resources. Everyone has a part to play in protecting the University and its community from cyber threats.

To get your unit started with the essentials of Secure UD, contact IT Security for a consultation.