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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Enter our contest and explore new content by visiting our NCSAM resource center. Show your support for cybersecurity this month and you could win one of our prize drawings!

The University's IT resources, such as the University network and computing centers, are designed to facilitate the exchange of scholarly information while keeping information about employees, students, alumni, and other people as secure as possible. Every member of the University community has a responsibility to protect themselves, each other, and the University as a whole. Information security is everyone's responsibility.

Secure UD is the University of Delaware's comprehensive approach to computer and information security. It equips and empowers the University community to make security-conscious decisions in their personal and work lives.

You are encouraged to use the resources on this website to learn more about Secure UD, including how it can help you protect your information, our community, and our University against cyber attack.