Second Life at the University of Delaware




UD Policy for Second Life

The University of Delaware (UD) has rented an island within the Virtual Worlds program of the New Media Consortium (NMC). Our initial vision is to provide a Second Life environment that will support the academic activities of University of Delaware faculty early adopters. However, we anticipate that interest in Second Life will grow, and that the UD presence in Second Life will be flexible enough to support appropriate academic use.

In order to participate in Second Life you will need to create an avatar. This process will require you to agree to Linden Labs’ Terms of Service and you will be required to observe Linden Labs Community Standards. These agreements are binding wherever you are in Second Life.

Since UD’s Second Life island is within the NMC’s Virtual World’s program, you will also be required to conform to NMC’s Code of Conduct. Also, while on UD’s Second Life island, all UD faculty, students and staff are subject to applicable UD policies:

1. University of Delaware Student Code of Conduct
2. University of Delaware Policy for Responsible Computing
3. University of Delaware policies governing appropriate conduct