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About the Sakai Help

Accessing Help

One of the easiest ways to understand Sakai and its tools is to use the help files. From within Sakai, you can access the help in two different ways:

Image of the two ways to access the help files.

  1. Using the Help icon icon next to the title of a tool. Click on this icon to access tool-specific information.
  2. Using the Help link in the menubar. Click on this link to access the root of the help files.

Finding What You Are Looking for in Help

The help website contains three frames:

Screenshot of the frames in the Help files.

  • The top-left frame is a search tool. Type any term and press Search to access relevant content.
  • The bottom-left frame is a hierarchy of content. You have to click a folder (represented by a book icon) to access help pages.
  • The right frame shows the content of the help page. Pages can be long so you might have to scroll down to access the content you are looking for.