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Academic Year 2013-2014

These are the current policies in effect for course sites using Sakai@UD:

  • Creating course sites: Only the person(s) listed in UDSIS as an instructor of a course can create a Sakai@UD site for that course. The creator of the course site can add others to the course and set the permission level for those users.
  • Student access to course sites: Each semester students registered for courses whose rosters are added to a Sakai@UD site will have access to the published Sakai@UD course site approximately two weeks prior to the first day of classes. The date will be announced on the Sakai@UD gateway. Instructors can give students early access to a course by adding them manually.
  • Beginning of each semester: Courses must be created each semester because registered students are identified by semester. A course can be duplicated from a previous semester or content from some individual tools can be imported from an earlier semester's course.
  • End of each semester: Approximately one month after the end of a semester, courses will be unpublished so students, assistants and guests will not have access. Each semester a notice will be posted on the Sakai@UD gateway announcing when this will occur. Students are strongly encouraged to download a copy of any work they have submitted for their personal archive before that deadline. At their discretion, instructors can republish any course, and make some participants inactive, if necessary.
  • UD IDs: The UD IDs displayed in some Sakai@UD tools are directory information and cannot be used alone to access private data. In some cases, students can control whether or not their own UD IDs are visible to other students. This option can be set on a course-by-course basis or for all course sites. See Changing your privacy status and pay particular attention to the "Things to consider" section.
  • Weekly maintenance: Each Sunday from 4:00-5:00 a.m. Sakai@UD is unavailable so that regular maintenance processes may be completed. If it is necessary for updates to be performed outside of that time, a notification will be posted on the Sakai@UD gateway.
  • Copyright considerations: All material delivered through Sakai@UD should adhere to copyright laws. It is the responsibility of the person posting the information to obtain permission to do so. Since the law is complex, you might find these guides helpful: