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Logging In

My Workspace

  • This first window you see when you login is called My Workspace. This site is your personal user space, it is not a course site.

    Interface of Sakai@UD

    1. Logout link: When you are finished working on Sakai, remember to click this link, especially if you are working in a public computing site.
    2. Site Tabs: The site tabs give you access to your course or project sites. The white tab is your active site. If you have access to many sites, a My Active Sites tab will appear and give you access to your currently available sites. You can hide/reveal and customize the order of your tabs: go to My Workspace, click Preferences and then click Customize Tabs.
      Note: Hidden sites will not show up on My Active Sites
    3. Menubar: The menubar lists a particular site's tools.
    4. Minimize/Expand Menubar: Minimizing the menubar (3) provides more screen space for the content area (5).
    5. Content Area: This zone is reserved to display of the content of a tool or site.
    6. Bottom Links: See below.

  • You can upload personal files and look at a dashboard view of all the activity in all your courses. See the My Workspace Help Topic for more information.

Bottom Links

  • Every Sakai page includes a set of useful links, located in the footer area at the bottom of the page. Use these links to navigate quickly to tools such as your email, P.O. Box, Dropbox, UDSIS, etc. If you have a comment or a question about Sakai@UD, please use the Contact IT link.

    Bottom links screenshot

Content Navigation and Options

  • Two icons are used throughout Sakai@UD: the Help icon and the Reset icon.

    Help Icon Help Located at the top right of a tool, next to the title. The Help icon is a contextualized link to the help files.
    Reset Icon Reset Located at the top left of a tool. The Reset icon brings you back to the main page of a specific tool.

  • Depending on the tool and of your permissions as a user, you might also have access to a tool-specific option bar.

    Tool Option Bar

  • Do not use your browser's "Back" button in Sakai. You should use the on-screen navigation and links as much as possible.