Request for On-site Departmental Sakai Training

IT Client Support & Services can provide on-site consulting and customized training sessions for individual departments. Please submit the necessary information, and an IT-CS&S staff member will be in touch to arrange a meeting.

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Walk-in clinics: IT-CS&S staff can be available at your location to answer questions for your faculty and staff on a drop-in basis. The room should have wired Ethernet web access.
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Custom sessions: IT-CS&S staff can deliver training at your department's site. The room should have wired Ethernet web access, projection from a laptop and either have computers or allow participants to bring their own laptops with web access.
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Content (e.g., files, folders, Resources)
Communication and Collaboration (e.g., chat, discussion forum, wiki, blog)
Assessment and Feedback (e.g., assignments, grading, tests)
Using Sakai for emergency online teaching

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