Site Stats: Overview

What it does

Site Stats allows instructors to view user statistics for their site. Instructors can check how many visitors have been on the site, how much user activity there has been, and the contributions a site visitor has made.

Privacy Concern - Information flows to the instructor only: This tool collects information from students but has no way to report this information back to students. These stats do not tell the whole story of any student's interaction with Sakai, and the Sakai team recommends against using this tool for evaluation but instead as a way to gain insight into instruction and identify struggling students.

For more information about the user interface and the options, see Site Stats: Options.

Key Concepts

Visit: The act of entering (visiting) a site.
Activity: Events generated by tool actions (e.g., new chat message, resource opened, etc). The list of tools/events that count as activity can be configured on the tool Preferences page.
Resource: Any file/folder item related activity (new, open, edit or delete).

Things to Consider

Documentation for Site Stats has been inspired in part by Brock University's user documentation and Indiana University's Sakai Knowledge Base.