Which browser should I use?

Note: For a complete list of technical requirements for Sakai@UD, visit http://www.udel.edu/sakai/training/gettingstarted/technical.html
Note: To determine which version of Internet Explorer or Firefox you are using on a Windows computer, in the browser, click Help, and then click About Internet Explorer or About Mozilla Firefox. On a Macintosh, from the Firefox menu, select About Mozilla Firefox.
Note: You may experience unexpected results if you use two browser windows to access the same Sakai@UD tool at the same time. For best results, open only one browser window to work in Sakai@UD.

Use one of the following browsers:


Known Issues: PC users should avoid using the Safari, Chrome, and Opera browsers to access Sakai@UD. Many issues reported to the IT Help Center are related to the use of unsupported browsers since they can cause unexpected behavior and errors.


Known Issues: Mac users should avoid using the default Safari browser to access Sakai@UD, since it causes a lot of issues when uploading files, as reported by users. Chrome and Opera for Macintoshes are also not supported.

Other platforms (Linux, mobile devices)

Known Issue: Browsers for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.) are not currently supported for use with Sakai@UD. Data entry (quiz, forum post, etc.) is especially unreliable using mobile devices and will produce unexpected results and lost information.

Setting Your Browser Cache

When you are using a dynamic website like Sakai@UD, web browsers might show you an outdated version of a page (what is called a "cached" version of the page). See the "Setting your browser cache" page.