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Designed by You

The Ray Street Complex is home to Designed By You (DBY), a community environment allowing students of similar interests to come together in support of their shared social or academic objectives. While living in DBY, the communities are given support and flexibility in organizing their own meetings and events throughout the semesters.  These events can be used to showcase, practice or learn the specific interest that the members share.

Residence Life supports DBY communities through funding, training and partnerships. Unlike any other residential experience at the University of Delaware, students participate actively in their residence hall to receive the experiences they are looking for.  The student run community is an exciting opportunity for residents to become involved and forge relationships based on a common thread.

Ray Street Complex

Built in 1990 Ray Street is comprised of three buildings on Laird Campus, each housing approx. 115 students. There are 15 lounges, 3 laundry rooms, and 3 kitchens, throughout the buildings.  Each floor has designated lounge space for Designed By You communities.

Each student room has its own sink, and shares a private bathroom with the neighboring room (4 students per bathroom).

For more information about the Ray Street Complex or to find out how you can join or begin a Designed By You Community, please contact the Designed By You Coordinator by email or at (302) 831-4311.