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Resident Assistant Internship & Leadership Exploration Program (RAILE)

Leadership development is an exciting opportunity provided by living in our residence halls! The RA Internship and Leadership Exploration Program (RAILE) is an optional leadership development activity that will allow you to see into the life of a RA while gaining exposure to valuable leadership skills and campus opportunities that can be applied to your professional goals. It is not a requirement for consideration for the Resident Assistant position, but portions of the program can be submitted along with an application.

RAILE is an individualized experience where students have the opportunity to choose their journey for completion! We offer three different Certifications based on the ways in which the participant wishes to engage in this program!

Primary RAILE Certification – Completion of any Five Components regardless of category, and the reflection paper, will grant you this certification.

Blue RAILE Certification – To gain a broad perspective of leadership within Residence Halls, we recommend the Five Core Components.

Gold RAILE Certification – If you complete the Five Core Components and the Five additional Choose Your Own Components, you will reach the final level of certification

Congratulations to the following participants who attained RAILE Gold completion. These participants completed 10 or more opportunities within the residence hall and throughout campus, including Five Core components that led to establishing connections and making contributions to the residence hall.

Anna Phillips RAILE Gold Winner Beverly Iheanacho RAILE Gold Winner Edward D'Amore RAILE Gold Winner

Erick Jones RAILE Gold Winner Jaina Patel RAILE Gold Winner Josh Lewis RAILE Gold Winner

Kayla Fenning RAILE Gold Winner Lauren Fazio RAILE Gold Winner Mackenzie Steele RAILE Gold Winner

Matt Lacatamo RAILE Gold Winner Shane Mcnamara RAILE Gold Winner Taylor Coleman RAILE Gold Winner

Teshree Chandradat RAILE Gold Winner Xiaolei Ma RAILE Gold Winner Zach Roy RAILE Gold Winner