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Completed in 2013, Louis L. Redding is one of the newest completed additions to the University's residence halls. Louis L. Redding joins Eliphalet Gilbert, Russell, Lane & Thompson on the Harrington Beach, with a sand volleyball court and lighted turf field behind Perkins Student Center (home to The Scrounge, Dunkin' Donuts, and The Hen Zone).

& Amenities

  • Spacious Kitchen – In our building we have a state-of-the-art kitchen that is available for you to use. You’ll often find residents of the building in there baking for the community or making a community dinner. Residence Life & Housing staff even has pots and pans you can use!
  • Lounge within every neighborhood/ community – In our building, each neighborhood has their own lounge located centrally within their community. Students love having a common space to use for studying or for social gatherings! Each lounge also has a dry erase board which is helpful for those problem sets in Chemistry!
  • Projectors & TVs in our lounges – Each of our lounges on the first floor has a flat screen TV that can be used to watch TV or to connect a computer. In each building lounge, there is a drop down screen and projector that can be used for connecting a computer or watching TV through UD's cable – all complete with surround sound speakers in the ceiling.
  • Home to first-year honors students, Pre-Health Professionals Community and traditional first-year students – We have a lot of connected students living within our building! A great way to connect and network with your peers across campus and find out their talents and interests!
  • Double and triple rooms with heating and air conditioning.
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    • Near The South Green - Redding and Gilbert are close to many academic buildings and are a short walk from the Morris Library.
    • Next to the Perkins Student Center - Complete with a Dunkin' Donuts with late night hours and the Scrounge - a food court and lounge space - Perkins is home to most major student organizations. University Student Centers hosts many programs throughout the year in Perkins.
    • Harrington Turf - A recreational space that is home to snowmen in the winter, frisbee in the spring and fall, and students and events year 'round.
    • Harrington P.O.D. - A convenience market with all your essentials just across the turf.
    • Conveniently located near Russell Dining Hall. Our students would tell you that the Russell Dining Hall is the best one -- and it might have something to do with a bell that rings to indicate that the fresh batch of cookies are coming out of the oven for you!
    • Near the ROTC Building – Redding and Gilbert are conveniently located right next to the ROTC building if you are affiliated with the program. Current cadets appreciate its proximity for those early morning drills!

    • Hair for Hope: Part of the complex’s Weekly Service Initiative, our annual “Hair for Hope” program partners with a local beauty salon to offer hair cuts and hair dyeing where 100% of the profits go to the B+ Foundation. This past year over 150 students participated in the complex and we raised nearly $2500!
    • East Side Chats: Every week in the fall, our Student Engagement Advisor and staff work with RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) as well as other amazing campus opportunities to have those organizations come speak in our buildings. All you have to do is come down to the lounge to hear about some cool ways you could get involved. Past presenters included Blue Hen Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders and many other RSOs!

  • Perkins Student Center Garage
  • Wyoming Road Lots
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Louis L. Redding photo

About Louis L. Redding (1901-1998)

Louis Redding was the first African American attorney admitted to the Delaware Bar, and he played an important role in the legal case that led to the desegregation of the University of Delaware. For more than two decades, Redding was the only non-white attorney in Delaware. Throughout his 57-year career, Redding championed civil rights issues in Delaware, successfully handling cases that challenged discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, and education. Redding became a public defender for the State of Delaware in 1965 and continued in the post until his retirement in 1984.

In 1950, Redding represented ten African-American applicants before the Delaware Court Chancery against the University of Delaware. These students were refused admittance to the University of Delaware on the basis of their race. That suit - Parker v. University of Delaware - resulted in the full court-ordered desegregation of all educational programs at the University of Delaware, signaling a significant new chapter in the modern history of the university.

Another of Redding's cases - Belton v. Gebhart - was combined with those from several other states to become the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education. Redding was part of the legal team led by Thurgood Marshall that argued Brown before the United States Supreme Court. Redding also successfully argued Burton v. Wilmington Parking Authority before that court in 1961, striking down additional blows against segregation within public accommodations.

After the death of Louis Redding in 1998, the University of Delaware memorialized him with the Louis L. Redding Chair for the Study of Law and Public Policy. The annual Louis L. Redding Lecture – sponsored by the Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Center for Black Culture, and the departments of English and History – was named in his honor, as was the Louis L. Redding Diversity Award, sponsored by the President’s Diversity Initiative.

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