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Spring Housing Application

Apply for Housing for Spring 2018
Application opens November 1, 2017


When you live in the residence halls, you become part of a community rich in history and tradition. Students who choose to live on campus have higher GPAs, stay on track to graduate and feel like they can succeed here at UD!


If you're new to campus for Spring 2018, you can apply for housing into the Spring semester. Unmarried, first-year students under 21 are required to live on campus. We encourage transfer students to apply as early as possible.


When you complete the housing application, you sign the Student Housing Contract. This contract is, well... a contract. It is legally and financially binding. That means that you (and we) are held responsible for the terms of the contract.

First-year students are bound (obligated) to the contract 3 business days after completing the housing application. Transfer students are bound to the contract 3 business days after being guaranteed housing.

Being bound to the contract means that - among other things - you'll be charged the published rate for your assigned hall type and room type.


If you have a dietary, medical or physical need that requires a housing accommodation, you must submit documentation to Disability Support Services. Documentation consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that explains the current impact of your condition to your housing request.

Spring 2018 housing accommodations are due to Disability Support Services at the time of application. Documentation received late can result in an assignment that doesn't match your needs.

For complete details on housing requests involving needs, please refer to the Housing Accommodations page, or contact us at (302) 831-HOME (4663).


Your housing application is considered "complete" when you sign the Student Housing Contract and complete the housing prepayment step.

Optional (but recommended) steps include:

  • Verifying your personal details;
  • Requesting housing accommodations;
  • Completing a lifestyle questionnaire;
  • And telling us your preferences for a room and/or roommate.

These steps of the application are optional, but we encourage you to complete them. To match you with a roommate or assign you, we will use your responses to these questions, so please answer honestly!


If you are taking a 4- or 5-week course during Winter Session 2018 or are involved in a University-sponsored activity, you should complete a separate Winter 2018 application.


You will receive your housing assignment via email at your UD email address from

We suggest that you set as a contact to reduce the chance that important email communications will be routed to junk mail.


Standard check-in for Spring will be on Sunday, February 4, noon - 7 p.m. and Monday, February 5. 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

If you can't arrive during those hours or you plan to attend International Student Orientation or New Student Orientation, you can complete a Spring Early Arrival application.

The standard early arrival fee is discounted for students attending orientation; you will be billed $25/night to your student account.

Get more about Spring Early Arrival on our Breaks & Early/Late Stays page.

If you want to make the most of your time here on campus before Spring semester begins, sign up for Spring into Success: 2 days of motivation, skills building and how to make the most of University resources. 

Set yourself up for success by exploring your goals and the building blocks to achieve them.

Workshops, speakers and social events will focus on involvement, academic resources and personal development.

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