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Returning Students

The Returning Student application for 2015-2016 is now closed.


The Open Enrollment Period will be open from February 2 to February 28 for returning students to apply for self-selection for 2015-2016.

The guaranteed housing deadline for 2015-2016 is February 28. Applications received after the deadline will be accommodated as space permits.



When you live in the residence halls, you become part of a community rich in history and tradition. Whether you are living in one of our historic buildings or one of our newest halls, you will have one important thing in common with everyone in our residential community: excellence.

Students who choose to live on campus have higher GPAs, feel more supported, and are more connected to the University.  Resident students learn essential skills that will serve them in their careers and more broadly in life.


On-campus residents always have something to do and someone to meet. Whether you're hanging out in the common rooms or participating in activies and events, you'll connect with other students in the residence halls on a daily basis.



Relax. We've got it covered.

The residence halls offer students a variety of amenities at no additional cost. UD provides convenient services so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Take a virtual tour of the residential complexes. >>




At the University of Delaware, there are various housing options to accommodate dietary, medical, and physical needs for students. We understand that there are circumstances where particular requests and accommodations need to be considered.

To accurately and equitably evaluate requests for housing based upon medical, psychological, or disability needs, you will submit documentation of your need, consisting of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that relates the current impact of your condition to your housing request. Requests for returning students for Academic Year 2015-2016 are due by February 28. Documentation received late may result in an assignment that does not match your needs.

For complete details on housing requests involving needs, please refer to the Housing Accommodations webpage, or contact Residence Life & Housing at (302) 831-HOME (4663).

Application, Selection & Assignment



track circles


The first step in the Housing Applicaition is to choose your housing track.

Assign Me A Room: you will provide information and preferences, but you want Residence Life & Housing to assign you a room after Open Room Selection. There is no option to request a roommate or to apply to an Other Housing Opportunity.

I Am A Pull-In Roommate: You will be a roommate to someone returning to their room.

Return to Room: You must be eligible to return to room. If you currently live in any Other Housing Opportunity, including Executive Apartments, you will need to reapply and are not automatically eligible to return. See more information below.

Select A New Room: You want to receive a time slot to self-select a space during Room Selection. You may apply to an Other Housing Opportunity or form a Roommate Group.


Students who currently live in upper division buildings may be able to request to Return to Room.

CHANGES FOR 2015-2016

If you currently live in Ray Street or Smyth Hall, you will not be able to Return to Room or Return to Building as these buildings will be First Year areas for 2015-2016.

Upper Division Honors will be housed in Harter and Sharp halls exclusively for 2015-2016 and will be available only to Honors Program students. Read more about applying for Upper Division Honors Housing >>

Additional housing communities will be moving for 2015-2016. See our Building Information page for complete details on where communities will be housed.

If you live in any Other Housing Opportunity, including Executive Apartments, you will need to reapply and are not automatically eligible to return.


You may request to Return to Room, but you will not be able to select your room until February 10.

If there is space available in your room/suite/apartment, you may browse for a Pull-In roommate or leave additional spaces in the room open for the Room Selection in March.

There will be no Return to Building option for 2015-2016, but you may return to your Living Learning Community. Note that your Living Learning Community may change locations.




The Student Housing Contract is legally binding 48 hours after the earlier of: (1) the completion of the room selection process, (2) receipt of assignment, or (3) placement on the wait list. 

For applications received after the designated Open Enrollment period (February 2-28), the contract will become legally binding 48 hours after being placed on the wait list.  


Students who applied during the Early Bird period in September/October will have already completed the Prepayment step.

IF you have sufficient financial aid, you will see only one option for prepayment: Defer Housing Prepayment.

IF you have at least $200 in your student account, you will choose between two options:

  • Bill Prepayment (that is, charge your student account) OR
  • Pay Prepayment with credit card or online check.

Otherwise, you will only see the option to Pay Prepayment with credit card or online check.

The prepayment is nonrefundable.

screen icon


You, the student, will:

  • Verify your personal details
  • Complete a lifestyle questionnaire

    You are required to complete portions of the lifestyle questionnaire regardless of your intention to live with a specific roommate or group. If we need to match you with a roommate or reassign you for any reason, we will use your responses to these questions. Therefore, it is important that you answer honestly.

You, the student, can:

  • Request Housing Accommodations
  • Apply to an Other Housing Opportunity
  • Request to self-select a room beginning with your assigned time slot (Select A New Room only)
  • Let us know your room preferences (Assign Me a Room only)
  • Form a Roommate Group (Not available in Assign Me a Room)

Learn more about these steps. >>


Beginning in March, students will log in again to self-select their rooms in the following order:

  • Upper Division Honors Community - March 9 Updated due to snow! - March 11
  • Living Learning Communities/ Other Housing Opportunities - March 11
  • Open Room Selection: March 16-23

Time slots are based on Priority (see below).


You may be placed on a guaranteed wait list if all upper division spaces are filled before the end of the room selection period.


CLASS YEAR: Students will remain within their class year, no matter how many Priority Points or credit hours they have accumulated.

PRIORITY POINTS: Priority Points play a strong role in how early a student will be able to log in to Open Room Selection, and thus how likely they will be to get the room they want.

Students were credited 5 Priority Points for an Early Bird application, which is the surest way of getting Priority Points.

Students in extended housing after September 15, 2014 are credited one Priority Point.

CUMULATIVE CREDITS: Within a student's class year and Priority Points groups, priority is further stratified by cumulative credits, including AP credits.

RANDOM LOTTERY NUMBER: Each student is assigned a random lottery number.

Priority is averaged across groups. That is, each student's random lottery number is averaged to determine the group time slot.

View a poster for a visual explanation of Priority Points.


Magic wand icon


Students who choose Assign Me A Room or who do not select a space during Open Room Selection, but applied for housing before February 28 will be assigned a room based on their profile and preferences after Open Room Selection.


You may be placed on a guaranteed wait list if all upper division spaces are filled before the end of the room selection period.

Get step-by-step details on completing the housing application >>

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