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Returning Students

Upper-Division Open Enrollment Groups


Have a group of friends you'd like to live with next year?

Roommate Group: 2-4 students of a single gender who want to live in the same unit (i.e. one apartment, one suite or one room).

Interested in All Gender Housing?

Each student is randomly assigned a lottery number, with no priority for class year or cumulative credits.


Forming a roommate group in September means that each group member's individual lottery number will be added together and averaged to determine the group's lottery number.

This may result in the group (and thus each group member) receiving a time slot for March OR it may result in the group (and thus each group member) receiving a time slot for later rounds of room selection. There is no way to predict the outcome of the lottery as it is purely randomly generated by a computer system.


Students who receive a time slot for the inital round of room selection in March may form roommate groups in February with other Upper Division students who will recieve time slots for the initial round of room selection and with First-Year students applying for Second-Year housing.

Note that room selection will follow a priority structure based on class year, then cumulative credits, then random lottery number.


Student Housing Agreement 


While completing the Application, the Group Leader will log in and create the group with a username and a password.

Then he or she will share the name and password with the group members.

The Group Leader cannot add members to the group. However, the Leader can remove members and delete the group.

The Group Leader does not need to have the highest priority. (See Group Priority below.)


Once you log in and join the group that the Group Leader has created, everyone in the group will receive an email letting them know that you have joined.

Group activity (new members joining, members leaving, group being deleted) will be reported to all members via email.

Any member of the group can assign the group members to spaces during Room Selection.




If you want to find someone to fill out a group, you will be able to search using the roommate matching tool in September.

You can do a simple search and get a list of possible roommates and how compatible they are.

Found someone you want to connect with? You can message others within the system and learn more about them.


Group priority is determined by an average of group members' random lottery numbers.

Priority is based first on class year (regardless of credit count). Students are then sorted by total number of Priority Points (the more Priority Points, the earlier your time slot), then by cumulative credit hours. Each student is assigned a random lottery number.

The group time slot to self-select spaces will be emailed to group members in early March.


If everyone in the group cannot be assigned to one unit during Room Selection, the group can be broken up. Group members can assign themselves; all group members retain the original group time slot.




Students who would like to live in an Other Housing Opportunity will indicate that in application and complete supplemental steps as required. Students applying to Other Housing Opportunties as a group must each apply to the community. Otherwise, you will need to delete your group.

Expected Housing Opportunities for 2016-2017 included:


    Students interested in All Gender Housing will need to apply to All Gender Housing under the Other Housing Options section of the application. Roommate Groups are formed by searching for other students who have also applied for All Gender Housing. Roommate matches must be mutual.

    Get more information about All Gender Housing.




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