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Graduate Student & Family Housing


If you are a full-time, single graduate student or a full-time undergraduate or graduate student who wishes to live with your spouse, children, or other individuals who constitute your family, you are eligible to live in Graduate Student & Family Housing as long as you are registered and in good academic standing at the University of Delaware.

To apply for housing, decide which option (The Conover Apartments or the Graduate House) best suits your needs.

Then, complete and submit the housing application with a $200 security deposit payable online by either credit card or electronic check.

Your application is considered complete and is "received" on the date of your security deposit submission. After you have submitted your security deposit, you will receive an email confirmation.

You should review the Housing Contract information.

If you have any questions, you may contact Residence Life & Housing at (302) 831-HOME (4663) or by email to


Graduate Housing Offers:





At the University of Delaware, there are various housing options to accommodate dietary, medical, and physical needs for students. We understand that there are circumstances where particular requests and accommodations need to be considered. To accurately and equitably evaluate requests for housing based upon medical, psychological, or disability needs, you will submit documentation of your need, consisting of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that relates the current impact of your condition to your housing request. 

Due to limited availability, housing accommodations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. You should file your request at the time that you apply for housing.

Application, Selection & Assignment


Log in to the My Housing portal beginning in March.

You will be taken to a Student Home page. This is your home page for conducting all of your housing business.

Select Housing Application from the menu bar.

Student Housing Agreement




Select Calendar Year 2016-2017 and Enter Application.

You will be taken to a Welcome page. Hit Begin to continue.


Students who currently live in Graduate and Family Housing who wish to renew their contract for the next year: select "Contract Renewal"

Note: You may only renew for the type of housing you currently live in. You may request a new assignment. That is - if you currently live in individual housing, you may not change to family (or vice versa), using "Contract Renewal."

If you are requesting a new type of housing, you should select the type of housing you want from the other options. As a returning resident, you will receive priority in assignment as long as you apply by May 31.

Students seeking individual housing: select "Individual Graduate Housing"

Students seeking family housing: select "Shared/Family Housing"






If you require Housing Accommodations, you will indicate that on the Demographic page.

You are also required to indicate your anticipated move in date and provide a current email address.

The demographic information on this page is what the University of Delaware has on file. If you wish to make any changes, you will need to contact the Registrar's office at (302) 831-2131.

Hit Save & Continue.


Let us know where you are hoping to live for 2016-2017.

Full information about room types, occupancy and costs are available in our Housing Tour.





All occupants of the apartment must be identified on the Housing Application.

You will need to provide verification of identity for each occupant. If you are requesting to live with children under 18, you must submit legal documentation of family relations and guardian status (such as birth certificate).

Keys may be requested for each occupant listed on the Contract.

Information is confidential and shared on a need-to-know basis.


Please answer the Applicant Questionnaire to the best of your ability. This information is helfpul in roommate matching.

You may also opt to request a roommate. Due to limited space, specific roommate requests cannot be guaranteed.






The Graduate Student and Family Housing Contract runs from August 15 of one calendar year through July 31 of the following calendar year. The start date of the Contract may be delayed if you check in, or if a space is not available until after August 15. 

The contract is for 12 months. 

The end date of the Graduate Student and Family Housing Contract will always be July 31. In August, your rent will be pro-rated based upon your date of check-in.

For those renewing the Contract, the lease dates will be August 1 to July 31.

The contract is binding and you are obligated to pay the established rates for assigned housing after a 48-hour grace period after being assigned.


You are required to submit a $200 security deposit with your application.

IF you cancel your application before being assigned, you will be eligible for a partial refund of $100 of the security deposit.

IF cancellation is received during the 48-hour grace period after being assigned, you forfeit the $200 security deposit.






Housing is not guaranteed.

The chance that you will receive the option you request depends on the number of students requesting the same type of housing and the date we receive your application and security deposit.

Roommate assignment for graduate students will be based on the information provided on the Housing Application. We will try to honor but cannot guarantee your preferences. Only same-gender residents will be assigned to a room or apartment unless it is designated as a family unit.

We will begin making assignments in June and continue through August 31. If your name is put on a waiting list, we will notify you by email when your status changes. If a vacancy occurs, we will make an assignment from the waiting list according to the date the application and security deposit were received and the availability of your housing preference.

When you are assigned to a specific apartment or room, you will receive a confirmation email.