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Breaks & Early/Late Stays

Residence Life & Housing (RLH) staff members participate in extensive staff training prior to fall opening and we encourage our residence hall staff to take time away and go home to their families to recharge during University breaks and between semesters. So, when the University isn't in session, staffing in the residence halls is limited.

Thanksgiving Break 2018

Apply for Thanksgiving Break 2018 between November 1 and 15, 2018
Cost: $240 (8 nights)

Residence halls will close at 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 17 so students can attend Battle of the Blue, our annual footbal game against Villanova University, a tradition that goes all the way back to 1895!

Residence halls will reopen at noon on Sunday, November 25.

If you plan to stay on campus for the week and need to request break housing, please complete the Thanksgiving Break 2018 application found in the My Housing portal, available November 1-15, 2018. If you live in the Christiana Towers or Executive Apartments, you will keep your building access and do not need to apply for break housing.

If you are leaving for Thanksgiving Break, you don't need to formally check out with a staff member or turn in your room key, but your building access will be turned off when halls close if you don't live in an apartment. Please keep your room key and ID card in a safe place over break!

Before leaving for break, you should make sure to do the following:

  • If applicable, close and lock your windows and close the shades.
  • Remove perishable items from your refrigerator.
  • Take garbage and recycling to appropriate dumpsters.
  • Unplug all electronics except refrigerators and fish tanks.
  • If applicable, turn the heat on to low.
  • Close and lock your doors.

Your RA will give you a checklist, which each roommate should complete and sign. To contribute to the safety and security of our residence halls, Resident Assistant staff will be entering rooms to conduct health and safety checks during break.

December Break 2018

Apply for December Break 2018 between November 20 and December 13, 2018.
Duration: December 16 - January 6
Cost: $630 (21 nights)

For December Break, you should plan to leave the residence halls within 24 hours of your last final exam. The residence halls close on December 15, 2018 at 10 p.m.

If you have a late exam or travel restrictions, you can request a late stay through 10 a.m. December 16 at no additional cost. Students who wish to stay on campus throughout the break must sign up for full break housing - partial stays cannot be accomodated. Christiana Towers and Executive Apartment residents will retain building access and do not need to apply for break housing.

To apply for a late stay or full break housing, please complete the December Break application found on the My Housing portal.

If you are leaving for break, make sure to do the following before you go:

  • If applicable, close and lock your windows and close the shades.
  • Take garbage and recycling to appropriate dumpsters.
  • Empty and defrost refrigerators a few days before leaving and unplug all electronics.
  • If applicable, turn your heat on to low.
  • Close and lock your doors.
  • Check out with an RLH staff member during designated times, even if you do not have your key*. This will ensure that RLH staff know you have left and you are not mistakenly charged an improper checkout fee.

*FYI: You should still check out with staff even if you do not have your room key. Students who fail to follow move out instructions may be charged a $150 improper checkout fee. Additionally, if you do not turn in your key, you will be charged for a lock core change.

If you participate in the Mid-Year Room Change process in November effective for the Winter/Spring semesters, you will need to remove all of your belongings from your room when you check out at the end of Fall. Please review our Mid-Year Room Change Procedures for additional information. You will move into your new space for either Winter Session or Spring Semester, whichever you arrive for first.

Looking Ahead:

If you plan to live on campus for Winter Session, you need to have a University-related reason for staying on campus. Residence halls reopen for Winter Session on January 6 at 10 a.m. Learn more about what you need to do to secure housing in our Winter Session Guide.

Not returning to campus until Spring? Residence halls reopen for Spring Semester on February 10, 2018 at noon; residence hall check-in is noon to 7 p.m. Learn more about Spring check in with our Spring Move-In Guide, which will be posted later in the semester.

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